Instructions to delete and change Webcam wallpaper with XSplit VCam

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In today’s digital age, it is common to have live lessons, classes, .. take place. So, a nice camera angle is something everyone needs to arrange before opening the webcam. However, decorating and editing the camera angle is sometimes very time consuming. At this time, to be both fast and beautiful, you should delete and change the Webcam wallpaper with XSplit VCam to have a beautiful background when opening the camera.

With advanced and modern technology, XSplit VCam allows users to delete and change the Webcam wallpaper to their liking without having to use green screens. With variety, with high customizability. XSplit VCam is being used by many people and received many positive reviews.

Instructions to remove, change the background simply with XSplit VCam

How to delete, change Webcam background with XSplit VCam

1. Quick Guide
Step 1: Open XSplit Vcam, select the image you want to remove or change the wallpaper.
Step 2: Click Remove or choose another wallpaper, save to finish.

2. Detailed instructions
Step 1: Open software XSplit VCam on your computer.

Reference: How to download and install XSplit VCam on your computer

Step 2: Click The photo has the word Remove to remove photo background. After removing the background you will get the result as shown below

how to remove xsplit vcam's webcam wallpaper

Step 3: You can Choose from available background templates in the section Backgrounds to make your Webcam background.

how to change webcam wallpaper in xsplit vcam

Step 4: To add new backgroundyou press Add New Background. Here, there are 4 ways for you to add new background.
– Image, Video, or HTML file: Add background with images, videos, html files available in your computer.
– Youtube Videos: You just need to record the video link on Youtube and that video will be the Webcam background for you.
– Webpage: Record a link to a Web page and the web page will display as your Webcam background.
– Search free photos from Unsplash: Find and use a wide variety of images on the Unsplash online image store.

how to remove webcam wallpaper on xsplit vcam

Step 5: After adding the background, you can customize background opacity plain Blur drag bar in the section Backgrounds.

how to install webcam wallpaper on xsplit vcam

Step 6: Click pen icon on the wallpaper corner to modify the wallpaper.

how to change webcam wallpaper on xsplit vcam

Step 7: In the interface Edit Backgroundyou can adjust size, Brightnessor erase wallpaper here.

meow and change the webcam wallpaper with xsplit vcam
With a simple interface, easy to use but extremely effective in deleting and changing the Webcam background. Now, having a beautiful backdrop in the meeting, online classroom has become a lot simpler. You can also use OBS studio Combine with XSplit Webcam to capture live videos with custom backdrops as you like.

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