Interesting facts about Childe – the famous toy seller Teyvat

Interesting facts about Childe – the famous toy seller Teyvat

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2023-01-26 19:29:53

Despite being a Fatui executive, Childe was surprisingly humorous.

Tartaglia was a notorious Fatui Executor in Snezhnaya. He is also known as Childe, Anh Dat Duck,… Although he is an Executor, he is relatively friendly with travelers. And here are some interesting facts about this guy.

1. Childe is unpredictable

Childe likes chaos. He is also known as the most dangerous weapon of Ice God Tsaritsa – the leader of Fatui. Because no one knows what Childe is really thinking because the smile is always hanging on his face. Furthermore, Childe is more straightforward and natural than the other Executors, which makes him very unpredictable.

2. He forced himself to master the bow

Tartaglia shared that he is not an expert in using the bow, but he still forces himself to master this weapon. Basically, Childe is a close-range fighter who wields a double-edged long-handled weapon, but mastery of archery makes Childe invincible. This is also the reason why he forced himself to become proficient with the bow, and the bow is considered the weakest weapon so he also wanted to master this weapon.

Interesting facts about Childe - the famous toy seller Teyvat 2

3. Childe is always looking for the next fight

Because he was a chaotic person, he couldn’t help but wander around in search of the next match. He believes that standing still and doing nothing will never help him find enemies to fight, and that is why he loves to travel to find new enemies and big battles. Looks like the guy doesn’t know how to be idle and rest.

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4. Childe and Zhongli are closer than you think

Fatui and Nham Than were good friends at some point. But Zhongli made Childe angry when he faked his death, from which he began to resent this Yan God. Zhongli sometimes invites Tartaglia out for a drink as if he didn’t notice his anger.

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5. Childe wants to be noticed

While the other Fatui wanted to hide themselves in the dark, Childe tried to attract attention. He never tries to hide like the rest, but always tries to stand out from the public eye. Only public attention can satisfy him.

Interesting facts about Childe - the famous toy seller Teyvat 5

6. He is a valuable ally

Despite her notorious Fatui background, Childe remains the Traveler’s trusted companion. A villain from Snezhnaya, he nearly destroyed the Liyue harbor by summoning a vengeful ancient dragon for his amusement. But then he stayed there for NLH to atone for that evil deed. In addition, he has always been a reliable and helpful person to his family and the Fatui organization.

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7. Absolute loyalty to the Ice God

Tsaritsa – The Ice God is the lord of the Snezhnaya and Fatui organizations. After Skirk saved little Childe from the Abyss and recruited him, he pledged an alliance with Archon Cryo and Snezhnaya. Chidle also becomes a merciless weapon in her hands, who never refuses any task she gives her.

Moreover, this guy has always admired Tsaritsa and believes that she is a kind woman who stole gnosis to start a new era of peace in Teyvat.

8. Tartaglia is good at cooking

Tartaglia surprised many players with her culinary skills. He loves to cook delicious meals for his loved ones. Cottage Kitchen is also his signature home decor in the Serenitea Pot. When you invite him to your Kitchen, he will tell you some interesting culinary facts.

While Childe admits he’s a bad guy to some extent, it’s undeniable that he has a warm heart, especially with his family. He takes care of his younger brother Teucer very carefully and always protects him from bad things.

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