Is it true that Minas was banned because Zeros leaked the betting story message?

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2021-12-24 18:43:48

Zeros inadvertently leaked messages that admitted Minas was involved in betting on Esports results.

Recently, one of the familiar players of the Vietnamese gaming village – Pham “Minas” Minh Phuoc was banned from playing indefinitely by Riot Games. The reason is that this player has engaged in behaviors related to betting on Esports match results, so Minas has been banned from playing indefinitely since November 10, 2021.

Starting from different points, but Minas and Zeros both ended their careers with a shocking penalty at SBTC Esports.

At this time, the community of League of Legends and Wild Rift gamers almost “exploded” because Minas’ punishment was no less than that of his brother “Demon King 2k”, Zeros.

But just a few minutes later, the gaming community suddenly spread an old message from Zeros to Lai Lai showing that Zeros had admitted that Minas was indeed involved in the outcome of betting.


Message from Zeros and Lai Lai.

This made many followers question that it was Zeros who revealed that his brother was involved in betting, leading to Riot Games investigating and banning Minas from playing indefinitely. On the contrary, there are also people who believe that Zeros and Lai Lai’s messages were sent after November 10, 2021 (specifically after November 20), at which point Minas was banned from competing (according to the notice from Riot) so Zeros is completely “innocent” in this case.

The above message only proves one thing that Zeros knew about the reason why Minas’ brother was investigated and the punishment was about to be announced.

As for Zeros, after seeing Minas have a “glorious feat” like me, he posted a rather emotional status on his personal Facebook: “Forever brothers!”


Pham Minh “Zeros” Loc shares emotional status.

As for the former SE player, because today is merely an official announcement from Riot Games, and the penalty has been in effect since more than a month ago, he is not surprised, only sharing exactly 2 words on personal Facebook core: “Global ban.”

Pham Minh “Minas” Phuoc shares his farewell status to Esports and Riot Games games.

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