It’s time to deploy LPL troops to North America for Worlds 2022

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2022-09-23 04:29:30

LPL teams are ready to bring troops to North America and fight for the World Championship 2022.

Worlds 2022 is becoming a hot topic for both LoL and Esports. The North American tournament promises to be extremely attractive with all 24 strongest representatives from the regions. Currently, the schedule is also ready and waiting for the teams to arrive.

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    It's time to deploy LPL troops to North America for Worlds 2022

    Then, the move from each upcoming region will be extremely worth watching. And recently, the Chinese media has revealed the LPL representatives’ landing schedule in North America.

    Specifically, according to Sohu, JDG, TES and EDG will board the same flight on September 27. Riot Games will pay all costs for the teams. Besides, because the journey is long, it is expensive, and to avoid some objective problems, the organizers decided to let 3 teams go together.

    In addition, the specific time the LPL army arrived in North America was also revealed by insiders. Accordingly, at 11:30 (local time), aircraft carrying JDG, TES and EDG will take off. The journey to Worlds 2022 will take about 14 hours. So, by 14:25 (local time), LPL was in New York.

    As for RNG, the team has a different schedule. Because they had to participate in the Play-In round, the team was forced to go earlier than JDG, TES and RNG. In addition, the place where the king of MSI 2022 landed is Mexico instead of the US. According to Sohu, it is still unclear when the RNG will start.

    It's time to deploy LPL troops to North America for Worlds 2022

    It's time to deploy LPL troops to North America for Worlds 2022

    However, recently, according to Game Anchor Network, GALA said that on September 22 (ie today), the home team will fly to Mexico. It’s just that, the RNG homepage or other media have not confirmed this news. After all, fans are looking forward to the exact time to see the team off to Worlds 2022.

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