‘It’s true that the Global Ban family’

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2021-12-24 22:46:40

Before the fact that Minas – a former League of Legends and League of Legends player: Wild Rift was banned indefinitely by Riot, the online community had mixed reactions.

This morning, December 23, Riot Games suddenly announced on the homepage the decision to ban the participation in e-sports activities indefinitely for player SE Minas, whose real name is Pham Minh Phuoc due to betting behavior. . The decision was issued after Riot considered the seriousness of the act of vandalizing the integrity of esports competition, along with Minas’ previous convictions in other eSports tournaments organized by Riot Games. office. The penalty has come into effect since November 10, 2021.

Before the above information, the League of Legends and Wild Rift gaming community had mixed reactions. Most of them think that this is a self-destructive action of the SBTC Esports player:

“SBTC = Will Ban All”

“The Global Ban Family”

“This family is a bit unlucky”

“Teacher Ba looks good”

“Are you fighting on the fast side or are you betting on the * v*”

“The two brothers are the same, maybe it’s because their heads are big but their brains aren’t that big”

“The eldest brother kicked the referee, the youngest brother gave a permanent ban, and the second brother bet. It’s a pedigree!”

“One boy is said to have a natural birth, two children have a bad family, many disasters, but it’s okay for all three. It’s a family tradition!”

“Just when the aura of LOL died, Wild Rift brought another aura, and it was Minas’ personal greed and family tradition that made each of the most promising members of Vietnam disappear. I can bear it like this”


In addition to criticism for Minas’ misconduct, many people also expressed regret for Minas’ career. It was thought that after many controversies in League of Legends, Minas would have the opportunity to remake his life with Wild Rift, but this mistake has officially ended his career, at least in the games created by him. Riot management and development.

It is worth mentioning that the “global ban” person is dressing up members of the Minas family when a little while ago, Minas’ younger brother Zeros was also banned by Riot indefinitely because of thoughtless statements. on live stream. This will certainly be a lesson for those who are and have planned to pursue a career as a gamer.


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