JackeyLove closes 2021 with a record that even Faker can’t give up

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2021-12-31 20:15:11

JackeyLove continues to break a memorable milestone in his career by winning the Demacia Cup 2021 with Top Esports.

Recently, Top Esports was crowned the Demacia Cup 2021 champion after defeating FunPlus Phoenix in the Finals. Thereby successfully defending their throne in this tournament. In addition, the championship at the “Pre-season” playground also helped TES ADC – JackeyLove establish (or rather maintain) an unprecedented personal record in the history of professional League of Legends. Karma.

Specifically, with this title, JackeyLove has escaped the prospect of being completely empty-handed in 2021, and thanks to that, it has become a rare team in the history of League of Legends, always winning at least one title (including the awards. non-Riot Games system like NEST…) each season, since the debut of the professional arena, these titles include:

  • Winner of the 2016 NEST E-Sports Championship
  • Winner of the 2017 NEST E-Sports Championship
  • 2018 League of Legends World Championship Champion, 2018 Demacia Cup Champion
  • LPL Spring 2019 Champion
  • 2020 Mid-Season Cup Champion (Alternative Tournament for MSI), LPL Summer 2020 Champion, Demacia Cup 2020 Champion
  • Demacia Cup Champion in 2021

This is an achievement that very few players in the world have achieved, if only in the 6 major region system, it can be said that JackeyLove is the first and only player (calculated on the list of players who have completed the game). played at least 5 seasons) still maintaining this streak. Even the king of League of Legends, Faker, went through two seasons of 2018 and 2021 completely empty-handed.

In fact, if we only consider Riot’s professional tournament system, of course JackeyLove will not have this achievement, but with the orientation of expanding the influence of the League of Legends community, tournaments of the form ” expansion” like NEST or Demacia also means a lot to fans.

Anyway, this is also quite a memorable achievement for JackeyLove, when this guy is still struggling to regain the glory of the old world champion, in the context of TES being underestimated and promising. There will be a season of 2022 with many difficulties and storms.

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