Jujutsu Kaisen: All you need to know about Territorial Expansion in War Spells

Jujutsu Kaisen: All you need to know about Territorial Expansion in War Spells


2023-02-05 09:32:58

Territory Expansion can be considered as the strongest skill of the magicians in Jujutsu Kaisen – War Spells. This power is quite special so not everyone understands them well. In this article, we invite you to learn all about the Land of Expansion with Lag.

What is Territorial Expansion?

Territorial Expansion (Japanese: りょういきて んかい Ryoiki Tenkai), Realm Expansion or Field Expansion is the strongest skill in manga, anime Jujutsu Kaisen – War Recovery Spell. This technique has the effect of creating an advanced barrier that traps the target inside a special space. In this space, the deployer’s algorithm will be much stronger.

During Territory Expansion, the activator will actualize the innate Territory within the body through Mantra. This will take a lot of effort as well as high technical requirements to perform.

Depending on the user, each Territory Expansion will have a different “use”. To learn more, please see other articles of Lag.vn.

Who can use Territory Expansion?

jujutsu kaisen expansion of territory

Territorial Expansion can be used by high level spellcasters and special cursed spirits. Characters who have used this skill in War Spells can be mentioned as:

  • Sukuna.
  • Gojou Satoru.
  • Fushiguro Megumi.
  • Jogo.
  • Hanami.
  • Mahito.
  • Smallpox Deity.
  • Dagon.
  • Higuruma Hiromi.
  • Uro Takako.
  • Ishigori Ryu
  • Okkotsu Yuta.
  • Hakari Kinji.
  • Naoya.
  • Kenjaku.
  • Tsukumo Yuki.

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Types of Territory Expansion

Revival spell of territorial expansion

To classify, there are 3 types of Territorial Expansion

Lethal Domain

These are Territories that consume a lot of mana and require superior skill. This type of Territory ensures the user’s skills are sure to hit the target. However, some Domains are guaranteed to be “all-in” and not “killer” – such as Hakari’s Dominion Expansion.

Non-Lethal Domain

This type of Territory is simpler because they are not built to kill opponents with certainty. In this territory, the enemy will have to make sure to follow the rules set by the Territory. Over time, as the Lethal Domain became more profitable, less and less people used it.

Unfinished Territory

As the name suggests, these are temporary territories, incomplete but still help increase the power of the activator. Megumi is the first character in Jujutsu Kaisen to use this form of Territory.

What is Simplicity Field?

Domain Simplicity is a skill used to create a small barrier around the user to protect them from Territory Expansion.

How to Expand the Territory?

jujutsu kaisen war spell

In order to implement the field of Duyen Development, the promoter needs to ensure two factors:

  • Possessing a strong enough focus force.
  • The activator sees the innate Realm within the body itself and knows how to deploy it.

Weaknesses of Expansion Territory

Although it is a very powerful skill, Territory Expansion also has its weak points.

  • Using this skill is very laborious, so most magicians can only use it once a day. Once activated, they will also be temporarily “burnt out”. Hakari and Gojou are two individuals who can activate Expansion Multiple times. After
  • When multiple Domain Expansions collide, the activation becomes unstable. The barrier would then collapse.
  • The stronger the Territory is inside, the easier it is for others to enter from the outside.
  • Territory Expansion can be used to create a hole in another Territory Expansion.

Above is all the information about Expansion in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga and anime. In the near future, Lag will update more interesting information about this skill, so be sure to follow if you like it!

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