Kassadin gem board, the most effective way to play season 13

Kassadin gem board, the most effective way to play season 13


2023-05-25 22:07:55

Kassadin is a pretty strong mid laner and has a pretty good Solo Q ability if he gets to the target. Today, let’s take a look at some information about the Kassadin gem table, how to play effectively, as well as how to build the strongest item in season 13.

Kassadin jade table

Here is the strongest Kassadin rune board in lane in this season 13 to help increase laning ability and easily defeat targets in combat.

  • Speedy Footsteps: This rune will help Kassadin increase his laning ability and better catch opponents with healing and movement speed.
  • Intellectual presence: Kassadin will gradually increase mana regeneration when dealing damage to enemy champions to help have more mana to use skills.
  • Legendary: Effect Resistance: When taking down enemies, Kassadin will permanently gain resistance to the effect that increases resistance to Mage champions.
  • Blessing Slash: Kassadin will easily defeat enemies with this rune that increases damage to champions with low health.
  • Blood taste: Kassadin will heal when dealing damage to enemies with this rune.
  • Ultimate Hunter: When Kassadin participates in an enemy kill, he permanently increases his ultimate cooldown reduction.
  • 3 additional rune gems: Attack, Agility, and Magic Defense are 3 good runes for Viktor. This mage will gain attack speed, adaptive power, and some magic resistance.

Summoner Spell Kassadin


With a mid champion like Kassadin Speed and Move are the two most necessary auxiliary spells. Kassadin will be more flexible with speed and easier to get on and off the road to farm and push towers, as well as support teammates with teleports.

How to build Kassadin

In season 13, Kassadin’s build will have a lot of changes to become stronger to help this general increase his resistance and put more damage on the enemy.

How to build Kassadin

  • School of Life: This is a mythical item that is quite suitable for Kassadin to help this general increase his ability to recover more energy and buffalo during the laning process.
  • Mage shoes: Kassadin will gain increased magic penetration with this shoe.
  • Angel Scepter: Kassadin will gain mana when attacking the target, in addition to gaining magic power corresponding to 3% of bonus mana.
  • Zhonya Hourglass: This will be a pretty effective defensive item for Kassadin to help him gain an extra armor and avoid damage from enemies with Condensation.
  • Rabadon Witch Hat: Kassadin will be increased by 35% magic power to help this mage have a huge amount of damage.
  • Space engine: Kassadin will gain skill cooldown and movement speed for 4 seconds when dealing damage with skills to enemies.
  • Storm Luden: This is also a pretty effective mythical item for Kassadin that helps him deal wide area damage when using skills on enemy champions and has the ability to penetrate more spells.
  • Mejai’s Conjuring Book: Kassadin will receive stacks of magic power when taking down enemies to help him become stronger in the late game.
  • Void Scepter: If he encounters tank champions, buffalo, this item will help Kassadin deal more magic damage to the target with 40% magic penetration.

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Kassadin skill table

Kassadin skill table

The maximum skill needed to lift is Q because this skill helps Kassadin to poke opponents well with long range, as well as create a shield that absorbs magic damage.

Next is Ethis is a skill that helps Kassadin slow down the target in a large area, as well as increase damage to the opponent.

Chieu W will be the ultimate maxed skill and CHEAP will be raised according to each champion’s level during the match.

Passive: Void Stone

Kassadin will take 15% less magic damage and can run through objects.

Skill Q: Void Ball

Kassadin will fire an orb of energy that deals damage to enemies and interrupts the target’s chanting skills. Immediately after, this champion will gain an additional shield that absorbs magic damage taken for 1.5 seconds.

Skill W: Negative Blade

Kassadin strengthens his ethereal blade causing the slash to deal bonus magic damage and restore 4% of his missing mana.

Skill E: Void Pressure

Kassadin will drain the energy from the skills launched, when enough, the champion can use Void Pressure to deal damage and slow the target in a cone shape in front.

Skill R: Void Spell

Kassadin teleports to the target’s location and deals damage to nearby enemies. Using Void Spell multiple times in a short time will consume a lot of mana, but the amount of damage will be more.

Strengths and weaknesses of General Kassadin

Strengths and weaknesses of General Kassadin


  • Passive Magic-resistant Void Stone helps Kassadin reduce a lot of damage from mage champions.
  • Kassadin has a very high mobility with his ultimate, Void Walk.
  • Has good resistance to Void Orb Q.
  • Capable of dealing massive damage.
  • Kassadin can gank well for teammates.
  • Can stack extremely strong damage and easily capture low health champions.


  • In the early game, Kassadin is quite weak.
  • Has a short attack range, quite difficult to farm minions.
  • Easy to be crushed, pressed lane.
  • Has a very high difficulty, requires skill from the player.

How to play Kassadin

With a melee mage general, players need to have extremely high skills to be able to play Kassadin well. Please refer to the Kassadin combo and how to play effectively below.

How to play Kassadin

Combo Kassadin: First, the player needs to use the skill Q to poke the opponent, then use the skill E to slow down the opponent, then W to deal extra damage and use CHEAP to chase the target.

In the early stages of the game, when not enough equipment, players should only use Q to poke the opponent’s blood and keep a safe distance to farm soldiers waiting for teammates to gank.

When he has reached level 6 and has the necessary equipment, now Kassadin can easily duel his opponents, as well as clear minions and push high lanes.

During the fight, Kassadin can freely go in and out of the fighting point to defeat the opponent, as well as capture single blood targets such as AD and Mid enemy team.

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How to counter General Kassadin

Champion counter Kassadin season 13

Players can choose champions with strong and overwhelming Solo ability from the beginning to go with Kassadin in the Top such as: Fizz, Zed, Akali, Yone,…

Champion counter Kassadin season 13

Equip against Kassadin

Psychic Armor and Mercury Shoes will be equipment to help players increase their resistance and minimize the large amount of magic damage caused by Kassadin.

Spiritual Armor
Spiritual Armor
Mercury shoes
Mercury shoes

How to play counter Kassadin

  • Should use AD carry champions to confront Kassadin in mid lane.
  • Build the first magic resist item to minimize Kassadin’s power.
  • Use champions with hard crowd control to counter Kassadin.
  • wards around so Kassadin can’t gank lane.

Hopefully with some information from VIP News about the Kassadin gem table, as well as some interesting points about this champion, it will help you have a more effective game when holding this gladiator. Have fun playing the game and have a great victory with Kassadin.

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