Latest Code Fruit Battlegrounds December 2022

Latest Code Fruit Battlegrounds December 2022


2022-12-04 21:59:59

Code Fruit Battlegrounds is one of the hottest Roblox codes today, this Roblox virtual universe action game is inspired by the famous Japanese manga One Piece. In the game Fruit Battlegrounds, players will work through battles with opponents to receive bonuses.

Free Code Fruit Battlegrounds

Gamers will have to unlock Devil Fruits to become the strongest boxer in the world. Through the Fruit Battlegrounds giftcode you can complete tasks easier, level up faster by entering the Fruit Battlegrounds game code while playing. Below will send you the latest Fruit Battlegrounds codes for December 2022, quickly copy to enter on your Fruit Battlegrounds game account and receive countless attractive gifts.

Latest Code Fruit Battlegrounds 2022

  • 40KDAMN – 350 gems (new!)
  • 35KWOWBRO – 200 gems (new!)
  • 30KLOVEYOU – 550 gems (new!)
  • 25KINSANE!! – 450 gems (new!)
  • 20K CRAZY – 550 gems
  • 15KNOWAY – 550 gems
  • THXFOR10K – 300 gems
  • 7KTEAM – 450 gems
  • 5KSQUAD – 450 gems
  • 4KGANGO – 450 gems
  • 3KTHXBRO – 450 gems
  • WUPDATEORNAH – 600 gems
  • 2KLETSGOOO – 450 gems
  • THXFOR10K – Get Gems
  • 7KTEAM – Get Gems
  • 5KSQUAD – Get Gems
  • 4KGANGO – Get Gems
  • 3KTHXBRO – Get Gems
  • 2KLETSGOOO – Get Gems
  • PRESENT4YOU – Get Gems
Roblox virtual universe action game
Action game in the virtual universe Roblox

Free Fruit Battlegrounds codes will bring small gifts from the developer Popo to help you on your way to victory. Hope that you will have interesting moments when participating in this fascinating game on Roblox.

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