Laughed out loud with the series of images ‘Drawing for AI’ but it’s so strange!

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2022-11-25 06:07:54

Recently, AI drawing technology is attracting the attention of many people. Besides the great works, many users also share extremely… ghostly and funny AI-generated images. Are you ready to de-stress? If so, let’s see the series of images that AI will draw for you later!

About AI drawing technology

Drawing with AI is a technology that uses artificial intelligence to create images on demand. In order for the system to generate the image, we will need to provide some contours or “background” images. Based on what is provided, the AI ​​will recognize and redraw the image on demand.

AI drawing technology is currently being used quite a lot for the purpose of creating impressive products with less time and effort. Currently, ordinary users can also create AI images through mobile applications. By including actual photos, the application will produce comic-style drawings of people.

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Laughing out loud with a series of pictures drawn by AI and the ending

In fact, AI drawing technology is still not really perfect, so there will be many cases where the image drawn is different from reality. Sometimes, the differences can turn out to be… extremely weird and make viewers laugh. Here, invite you and Lag to see very funny images drawn by AI.

AI fanart

AI fanart

AI fanart

AI drawings

AI drawing

AI drawing

How do you feel about the series of images drawn by AI? Do you believe they are drawn by artificial intelligence or is this AI being “trolled” by us? If you like images like this, please leave a comment to let Lag know and make more compilation articles!

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