League of Legends: A Guide For Bo’Gath Like T1 Gumayusi

League of Legends: A Guide For Bo’Gath Like T1 Gumayusi

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2023-03-19 05:32:08

T1 proved their steady power in the bot lane meta when Gumayusi picked Cho’Gath in the 2023 LCK Spring Split.

Recently, the bot lane meta has changed quite a bit in terms of champion quality as players constantly use AD carry champions to take on the role of support. And recently, T1’s bot laner tested a new playstyle Gumayusi using bot lane Cho’Gath and Keria using Senna in the match against DRX.

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    Thanks to Cho’Gath, T1’s lineup has become stronger and stronger in teamfights. This card even prevented DRX from finding a chance to defeat any member of the World Championship 2022 runner-up. Thanks to the reasonable choice T1 easily owned 4 Dragons and defeated the opponent at 30 minutes.

    If you regularly follow the matches at Korean Challenger, you will find that Cho’Gath Bottom Lane is not too strange and new. In this article, let’s learn how to equip equipment and choose Recombinant Gems for Cho’Gath Bottom:

    Complement Gems

    Cho’Gath bot lane has to constantly trade with the opponent, so the rune table will be different from when going to top. In order for Void Monsters to have more damage for each use of Q – Rift, you can use Mysterious Meteor. The rest of the runes in the Magic branch can help Cho’Gath use skills more quickly such as Energy Ribbon, Power Up, and Incineration.

    In the sub-branch, Gumayusi used Consistency and picked 2 gems of Destructive Destruction and Second Wind. Since opponents are usually ADCs with long arm spans, Void Monsters can hold out better thanks to a combination of Second Wind and passive. Destruction Destruction is a gem that combines extremely well with Cho’Gath’s large health, thereby eroding the building faster.


    How to play Cho'Gath bot lane as good as T1 Gumayusi

    Not only does it need Resilience, Cho’Gath bot lane also needs more Magic Power to easily kill minions. Therefore, the right choice would be equipment that provides both resistance and Magic Power such as the Staff of Life or the Scepter of the Archangel. Ice Heart and Barbed Shoe will be the tools to counter the enemy Gunner and Gladiator.

    In order for Cho’Gath to become a strong wall for the whole team, you can add the item Resist. At the same time, you can still follow a path rich in Magic Power to increase damage in combat.

    Note: At the beginning of the game, Cho’Gath bot lane can be inferior to strong pairs. It only really works when facing the ADC – Support pairing towards the end of the game.

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