League of Legends: Admiring the Vietnamese ‘master’, playing 2,000 games but still in Iron rank

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2022-01-01 02:24:23

The Vietnamese League of Legends community recently couldn’t help but be surprised by the “impressive” achievements of players who won nearly 2000 matches, still only at Iron Doan rank.

The “try hard” climbing rank is no longer strange to the followers of League of Legends. Some players rely on skills and the “luck” factor to rank up easily, while others seem to have a hard time improving their ranking. We often find proplayers at high ranks with super skills, while low ranks have problems like breaking games or “playing for fun” leading to attempts to climb the ranks of games. The true defender was stomped on the spot.

Recently, the Vietnamese LoL community was not surprised when they discovered a “hardest” player in League of Legends with a record of winning nearly 2000 matches but still at Iron rank – the lowest rank of League of Legends. Specifically, the player with the nickname “I hate you” has had 1930 wins but still has not been able to improve his rank. This player is also a “crazy fan” of the Dark Collect gem when using this rune on many different champions.

League of Legends: Admiring with 2,000 matches but still in the Iron rank of Vietnamese 'masters'

Witnessing this achievement, the League of Legends community could not help but be “admired” by this player’s remarkable efforts. Many gamers also favor nicknames such as “Iron Man Vietnam”, “War god climbing rank” or “Iron Destroyer”.

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It is not clear why this player is “stuck” at this rank for so long, but it is rare to play and win the aforementioned number of victories at a rather toxic rank like Iron rank. can do. Hopefully this player will soon rank up to find a “way out” for himself.

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