League of Legends: After the rework, Riot wants to make Zyra the new ‘god of the jungle’?

League of Legends: After the rework, Riot wants to make Zyra the new ‘god of the jungle’?

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2023-03-19 09:34:11

Riot Yelough shared, Zyra’s skills will probably be revised and the Thorn Sprayer will have a much stronger passive than now.

Despite having a huge number of champions, Riot Games still takes care of its “children” by editing the old champions of League of Legends to make them fresh and more balanced. There are champions that have completely reworked the entire skill set, there are also some champions that only have mid-scope updates. But that is enough to receive praise from the League of Legends community.

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    Recently, the gaming community is talking a lot about Summoner’s Rift’s Rebel Gai – Zyra because of the moves she can get after reworking in the near future.

    Recently, Riot Yelough participated in the recent LS livestream, the two exchanged many different stories, in which, Riot Yelough gave some random ideas about the new Zyra such as:

    • Zyra goes to the jungle.
    • Spin around Zyra’s movement speed with Spike Spray.
    • Zyra gains extra movement speed while near her tree.
    • Allies Zyra gain movement speed when approaching a target hit by the Spike.
    • Removed Garden of Thorns passive for more W stacks.

    Zyra will probably go to the jungle with a more mobile kit

    Of course, these are only features discussed by Riot Yelough with colleagues, but not the final decision. 3 champions currently on the list of League of Legends skill editing are Skarner, Rell and Neeko. The Game will update when there are official announcements.

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