League of Legends: Being a “golden left hand” but knights are not popular at LPL All-Star 2022

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2022-11-24 18:06:08

Despite being called a “golden left-hander” with admirable talent, the knight did not receive the support of fans at All-Star 2022.

The LPL 2022 All-Star Voting has been kicking off for a while now. The current voting race is very tense. Popular and popular stars like Uzi, Rookie, or TheShy all dominated each voting position.

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    The results at the LPL All-Star 2022 received a lot of mixed opinions, many people were confused by the ranking criteria. Will those who perform well and bring honor to the country in 2022 be respected?

    JDG is considered the most successful team in the second half of 2022 with the LPL Summer Championship. At the same time, they were once a hope for the region at Worlds. But apart from 369, Kanavi and Missing are both in 5th place in the voting list.

    Not only that, the knight’s achievements at the All-Star also surprised others. He had a good season in the domestic arena. To be more precise, the 22-year-old mid laner carried TES in both Spring and Summer and brought home two runners-up. With such results, this player did not even reach the top 5 All-Star.

    knight is nicknamed the golden left hand. He is one of the very few left-handed players in the Chinese LoL world. With a super left hand, the talent of TES mid laner is also enhanced. That’s why the new fans favorably call him by the name of the golden left hand.

    Votes for knight are pitifully low. On the first day of voting, his votes were lower than Icon, Cryin – two names that are not very famous in the domestic market. Up to now, the TES star is also far from the top 5 stars.

    League of Legends: Being a "golden left hand" but knights are not popular at LPL All-Star 2022

    In terms of strength, the knight did not lose to anyone. But the poor performance at Worlds 2022 has alienated the knight’s fans. Because he couldn’t do what the LPL community expected.

    In addition, the knight image has also collapsed because of salary-related controversies. Many people say that his income is 45 million yuan/year (156 billion VND). But what the knight achieved was not worth that huge number. Not only that, his unfaithful market also made the fan community cool.

    The 2022 LPL All-Star election is still ongoing. The top 5 are Rookie, Doinb, Scout, Xiaohu and Yagao. The ability of a knight to reverse the current is really rare.

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