League of Legends champion rankings released in 2021

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2022-01-01 06:27:21

Riot changes League of Legends a lot in 2021, including the release of 4 champions that are closely linked to the plot.

In 2021, League of Legends marked many new changes coming from Riot when only 4 generals were added to the list. This has set a new record when Riot has the lowest number of champions created since 2018 until now. However, these characters all had a great influence throughout the last 2021 season to deserve the “little but quality”. Each character has its own mark in being the center of events or drastically changing the meta in matches.

Contrary to the release of a series of champions with disjointed storylines like before, Riot has launched 4 characters that are closely linked through the Ruination storyline that kicked off at the beginning of the year. It is because of this that appeared this ranking of 4 outstanding generals based on gameplay, characteristics and overall appeal.

Viego – Black Destroyer Emperor

At the top of the table is the famous unknown king throughout League of Legends – Viego. Ruined King has always been the most mysterious name for the past decade until he was released in January 2021. This also sends gamers an omen, the game is about to be completely reversed.

Viego has the most unique advance skill ever, if Sylas can only steal the champion’s ultimate, this unknown king will collect the enemy’s soul and use it against his teammates. surname. Viego can be used in many roles and becomes a meta at various points in tournament or ranked. With a good Viego player, they can turn the game around thanks to the hero’s huge skill stats. Meanwhile, other casual gamers can pick up the Ruined King and instantly contribute to the team’s victory during key moments.

Gwen – Wishing Doll

When it comes to Viego, we can’t help but think of his fiancee’s beloved doll – Gwen. She was created to fill players with a strong top laner capable of dueling. Gwen’s skill set is also quite flexible, which allows players to alternate between basic attacks and skill use without interruption. This is a mechanism that has never appeared in other champions.

In addition, using basic attacks also helps her recover skills, which makes Gwen can deal tons of damage continuously and quickly in the top lane. This is the most prominent feature that she owns with, and is also a hot ban / pick during the past season.

League of Legends champion rankings released in 2021

Vex – Annoying Mage

Next, they will come to the most sullen mage in League of Legends. At first glance, her skill set is no different from other standard mage generals. However, the plot of Vex makes her possess a unique personality, which makes her stand out from the rest of the Justice League champions.

While with other heroes or villains who always aim for a big goal and desire to fight, with Vex it is the complete opposite, her biggest wish is not to participate in combat. However, her gameplay is very complicated and diverse compared to other mage champions, so new players will need to be careful when using her.

League of Legends champion rankings released in 2021

Akshan – Mighty Guardian

At the bottom of the ranking of powerful generals released in 2021 is Akshan. This does not mean that he is a bad champion when created, but in terms of strength, meta or plot this hunter is somewhat inferior compared to the other 3 champions. Akshan’s most typical ability lies in his W skill when he has two interesting passives with stealth and resurrecting teammates if you successfully avenge them. This was not well received by the community from the first launch, so Riot made a series of tweaks for this champion. Although not used in the meta, but in a way Akshan is an interesting champion from the novel “welcome in League”.

League of Legends champion rankings released in 2021

How do you feel about this ranking and each character in this “super quartet”?

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