League of Legends: Corki Storm Luden is storming the meta, what’s hot?

League of Legends: Corki Storm Luden is storming the meta, what’s hot?


2021-12-21 16:14:23

Corki Storm Luden is a play style used extremely effectively by players thanks to an impressive amount of damage with AP equipment.

As a champion with an impressive amount of damage in the mid and late game, Corki has always been trusted in the mid lane role in both solo queue and major tournaments. However, in the past few metas, this champion almost did not appear because there was no place to compete with other mages. Recently, however, Corki is being brought back by the masters thanks to the strange equipment build with Luden Storm.

Corki Storm Luden is being used extremely effectively by masters.

Instead of aiming for SMCK-oriented equipment like Tam Hop Sword or Infinity Sword, players choose combos with lots of AP such as Luden Storm, Void Staff, etc. With the old way to build, Corki owns Critical damage is extremely impressive in the mid and late game. However, after the critical equipment was edited by Riot, the above build is really strong when owning 3 large items of equipment including Infinity Sword. The reason is because when there is 60% crit chance, Infinity Sword will add 35% crit damage to the owner.

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In the current meta, Corki seems to have a hard time when critical items are quite expensive, as well as fast play that makes Corki easily lag behind the pace of the game. Therefore, the build with Luden Storm is an extremely effective solution, when turning Corki into a machine that deals magic damage from a distance with the ultimate ability Missile Direction. Most recently, Blazes – the mid laner of LX also used this style of play in the framework of VCS Winter 2021 with high efficiency.

In addition, the Preemptive Attack rune is also fully utilized when combined with this gameplay of Corki. With her ultimate, Directional Missile, Corki can activate this rune’s effect from a safe distance while still guaranteeing the damage output. In particular, the 10% bonus damage from Preemptive Strike will be extremely valuable when combined with Corki’s magic damage equipment, helping this general to easily “one shot” the opponent thanks to the huge amount of damage. horror can cause.

League of Legends: Corki Storm Luden is storming the meta, what's hot?
The Preemptive Attack rune combines very effectively with Corki Storm Luden gameplay.

In short, Corki Storm Luden is a great game at the moment for you to choose to use. Above are some sharing to help you better understand as well as be able to apply this gameplay in the most effective way.

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