League of Legends: Doinb bows his head and apologizes to fans for being postponed again

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2022-11-24 05:53:57

Doinb’s LBL tournament was postponed again at the request of Riot Games China and Doinb had to apologize to his fans right on the stream.

When the transfer stories at LPL has not yet subsided, the Chinese gaming community can’t help but be surprised when the male player of LNG Doinb was once again Riot Games China “touch the nape”. More specifically, the tournament LBL organized by Doinb was once again delayed.

The specific reason for this has not been given yet, but the League of Legends community in the country of billions of people guesses that Riot Games China is trying to focus on the tournament. Demacia Cup Upcoming.

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Also for this reason, Doinb has no choice but to bow his head to apologize to his audience right on the live broadcast.

The LBL is the tournament that Doinb started on its own and it doesn’t have any professional elements in it. However, this tournament has the participation of a series of famous players, even legends of the LPL village such as UziMlxg and some players LCK also participate.

League of Legends: Doinb bows his head and apologizes to fans for being postponed again

Solution story LBL being watched isn’t really that strange, because Worlds 2022 Doinb himself even received a warning, forced to stop this tournament so that the community could focus more on LPL teams in the US.

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LBL also just started operating again after Worlds 2022 ended, but it continued to be postponed, making the LPL community sad.

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