League of Legends: Faker’s Vex Mid lane is stirring up the Korean rank

League of Legends: Faker’s Vex Mid lane is stirring up the Korean rank

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2021-12-20 23:31:29

Join Mot Game to see how the Immortal Demon King is stirring up the Korean Challenge rank with Vex Truong Bang Eternal.

Since its inception, Vex has always been an extremely annoying champion when appearing in the Mid lane, even as a Support. The higher the rank, the more experienced players know how to use Vex to be able to carry the team most thoroughly. One of the best Vex players at the moment is the Immortal Demon King “Faker”, let’s see how he rocked the Korean rank with the Eternal Vex.

Contrary to popular belief that Vex is an easy champion to play with basic combo sequences, Faker uses Vex in a very calculated and skillful way, especially in the use of moves and timing. That difference is the reason why the Demon King is on a winning streak with Vex in the Challenger rank.

Gem Board

Gems Board for Vex

Not much has changed in the use of Faker’s runes for Vex. As a champion that activates combos quite quickly, Electric Shock is still the most preferred gem. The Blood Orb is used to increase the early game turret for Irritable Yordle. Meanwhile, the Zombie Eye, Realm Poro or Collecting Eyeballs are all options depending on your playing style (for Faker, he chose Zombie Eye). And finally, Talented Hunter to reduce the cooldowns of Hourglass and Eternal Ice Staff.

In the Inspirations branch, Cookie Delivery and Time Potion are mandatory choices to make up for this Yordle’s initial weak time. With the advantage of a relatively long arm span, the Attack Speed ​​sub-point will increase a not-so-bad amount of dps damage for Vex at the first levels.

The order of raising skills and how to play in the early levels

Unlike the usual Vex players, Faker is not a priority to raise W skills in the first 3 levels, even when his team plans to invade the opponent’s jungle. Instead of preparing for a Flash + W combo, Faker aimed to add the ability E (Sorrow Spread) on the first encounter. E + 1 hand attack with passive will give more damage and while not fast, the effect of causing Panic will not be small if you use it wisely.

The next two levels Faker will both raise his Q skill to increase the damage output of each E + Q combo (because if E activates Panic, Q will definitely always hit the target).

League of Legends Faker stirred up the Korean rank with Vex Mid lane
“King” mechanic

Another small note with Vex’s early W skill is that if you reveal that information too soon, enemies with long arms will confidently crush minions and take advantage of poke you right from the level. Firstly. With only hand attacks, Vex’s minion clear will be very bad, so it will be difficult for her to successfully trade back.

Faker is the king in exploiting the ‘mechanic’ of champions, the ability to time and make accurate decisions will help the Demon King “miraculously” gain an advantage in trades. his tricks. For example, he pretends to add W early, walks up to attack (at this time the bonus Attack Speed ​​will maximize its potential), after the opponent is afraid and prepares to use Faker. will place E correctly and officially take advantage at the first levels.

League of Legends Faker stirred up the Korean rank with Vex Mid lane
Photo from LoL Dobby

As mentioned above, Vex is a relatively weak champion in the early levels, so this is also the time when players need to focus and show the most skills. Don’t use W too early, if but don’t need an instant Panic, Faker will always hold W until the last moments to be able to escape death as soon as the opponent thinks he can take his life.

For enemies with “surf”, it is even more important to keep W to the end. Vex’s Panic provides a very versatile “interrupt” ability, so if you haven’t seen you use W, the enemy will always be in a state of caution, in general you won’t have to worry too much about it. “Improve” that skill on you, a little observance will help you completely ‘outplay’ the opponent at the most important moment. True to the nature of Vex, play stubbornly slowly and calmly.

How to equip

Even though Luden Storm is a meta at the moment where it provides a very quick burst of damage and also has extra movement speed, Faker still chose the Eternal Ice Staff. When hitting the ultimate (R), it is extremely simple to prolong the chain of hard control with Panic + Tie Legs by Truong Bang, especially in crowded combat phases, this combo will be more effective and more annoying. high.

Start with the Mutant Potion to combine with the runes on the inspiration branch. After the period of farming in the first levels, take advantage of the return and Teleport again, and bring out the Dark Seal to make the most of this item’s maximum chance of accumulating.

League of Legends Faker stirred up the Korean rank with Vex Mid lane
Dress up Vex in Faker’s style

In addition to the Sorcerer’s Shoe, Black Flame and Zhonya Hourglass will be the next priority items for Vex. Towards the end of the game, you just need to complete the Mejai Book of Souls and the Rabadon Witch Hat to be enough to carry the team on all fronts!

League of Legends Faker stirred up the Korean rank with Vex Mid lane
Calm and Determined, that’s the style you need when playing Vex

Later, when the total combat phase took place more, the influence of Vex in the fight also increased a lot. You can choose a situation where you can initiate a fight or stay away to carefully discharge skills. What differentiates Faker from the rest is his wisdom in the laning phase and the ability to time his moves extremely well, so the Demon King still keeps a continuous winning streak with Vex at Challenge rank. Korean Battle. Hope you guys can from the above sharing can improve your results in the upcoming rank matches!

*The article is based on the channel “LoL Dobby”.

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