League of Legends: Famous champions in solo queue for each region

League of Legends: Famous champions in solo queue for each region

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2022-12-30 08:24:52

League of Legends: Famous champions in solo queue for each region

Patch 12.23 has finally landed in League of Legends, do you wonder which champion will be the ‘boss’ of regions around the world? Let’s find out with rvgamepc.vn!


To start this list, we have North America. Compared to the other two regions, NA has few matches in high Elo, the most popular champion also only has a total of 238 matches. For the latest version of League of Legends, pick rate seems pretty uniform, 11 uniformed champions have pick rate above 15%. This list includes:

K’Sante – 19.9% ​​pick rate / 50.84% ​​win rate

Fiora – 18.8% pick rate / 52.33% win rate

Zeri – 18.0% pick rate / 53.95% win rate

Draven – 17.3% pick rate / 55.34% win rate

Graves – 17.2% pick rate / 54.15% win rate



The five most popular champions in Europe all came from bot lane, with 3 ADCs and 2 SPs. If in North America, many players seem to have forgotten about Zeri, in Europe, it is partly proving the opposite when Zeri has a 51.25% win rate in 1,278 games played (25 pick rate, 4%). EU ADC picks are quite different from North American ones: Draven isn’t even at the top for his role (in terms of play rate).

Zeri – 25.5% pick rate / 51.34% win rate

Caitlyn – 21.5% pick rate / 48.41% win rate

Draven – 20.2% pick rate / 50.00% win rate

Ezreal – 18.8% pick rate / 48.35% win rate

Nami – 18.6% pick rate / 55.87% win rate



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Everyone knows that the LCK is the birthplace of the meta because Korea is often known for its special picks, but it seems that the meta in this patch is similar to that of the Western countries. The champions dominating the top spots of the leaderboard are all a combination of picks we’ve seen between Europe and North America, but the pick rate on this list is much higher.

K’Sante – 32.5% pick rate / 53.28% win rate

Sylas – 28.6% pick rate / 47.90% win rate

Karma – 25.9% pick rate / 49.82% win rate

Caitlyn – 24.8% pick rate / 48.37% win rate

Fiora – 24.2% pick rate / 47.95% win rate



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