League of Legends: Guide to jungle with Zac like Korean Challenge

League of Legends: Guide to jungle with Zac like Korean Challenge


2022-03-02 15:29:07

Learn tips with Moi Game that can help you climb up to the rank of Korean Challenger with only Zac.

Zac is a champion known for his abundant control and great resistance in combat. In addition, Slingshot (E) is also one of the skills that make this general’s name when it can help you fly an “impossible” distance, an advantage in unexpected ganks. At first glance, Zac seems to be an easy champion to play, but to be able to master it most effectively, not everyone can do it. Today Moi will bring you some great tips (you may not know), sometimes can help you to challenge with this Zac card!

*Reference article on LoL Dobby channel

Young people climb the Korean Challenge with Zac

“역시폭군” is the player who is considered the “best Zac” on the Korean server, as he has now climbed to the Challenger level on this server with most of the matches using the Zac card (if banned or If the enemy team takes it, this player can switch to Senjuani). There’s nothing too special about how to bring the Rune Board, but the mechanic-related tips that this guy takes advantage of in each game will make us feel that this Zac general is much more interesting. Let’s start to find out.

Cooldown, Scanner and Dark Seal

The mitotic passive allows Zac to have a much better survivability than the general level of champions in League of Legends, so at the early levels, the added resistance index is not too necessary. The Ionian Enlightenment Boot will be the most important thing as it not only grants movement speed but also gives a valuable cooldown that helps Slingshot (E) cool down faster during ganks. Up early Dark Seal is also a very good idea that this young man often repeats in different games. This equipment is both cheap and suitable for a champion who uses AP but still lives like Zac.

League of Legends Guide to play Zac by Korean Challenge
Shoes that best suit Zac

There is a special feature in Zac’s play of “역시폭군”, which is that he only buys Totem Eyes on his first lane, disappears and wards in the jungle his opponent can steal (usually at 01: 05), then switch to Scanner. The reason for this is in Zac’s Q. Stretched Hand (Q) has a mechanism that requires that after “clinging” to a target, you need to basic attack on another target to pull them towards each other, this means that if there are no enemy champions around any other target, you will not be able to control them. The Scanner will solve many situations in this regard by revealing some invisible eye around you. In addition, the plant system in the forest can also become a target for you to attack normally on the activation of Q.

League of Legends Guide to play Zac by Korean Challenge
The Scanner is an essential item for Zac while in the Forest

Slingshot (E) and some Combo

Slingshot (E) if cast for a long time will allow Zac to fly further, but we should not always “fly” like that. There are a lot of champions that have the ability to glide right now, and if your teammates can’t pull that move, your ganking from a distance will be nearly useless. In that case, go close to the opponent and E and then release immediately (I will call it E(tap) for short), now Zac will only fly right in front of him, still knocking up the opponent but will make him less chance to react.

League of Legends Guide to play Zac by Korean Challenge
Sometimes you don’t have to “fly” too far to be effective

Here are some combos for Zac (in these combos, I won’t mention W, but you should W whenever possible to maximize damage).

  • Q – AA – E(tap): Q on an existing target, then hand attack to make sure to control the enemy champion, E(tap) to knock up the ambush immediately.
  • Q – Flash – AA – E(tap): Same as above but in case the opponent is far away from us.
  • E(tap) – R: The ultimate while the opponent is under E’s control effect will make him unable to react in time.
  • Q (any target) – E – AA (enemy champion) – R: If the enemy is too far away and you don’t have Flash, you can also use Slingshot (E), in high arm flying state Zac’s su will still attach to the previous Q target, attacks on enemy champions will still have a pullback effect.
  • R – Flash: Smoother and faster visual effects than Flash – R.


League of Legends Guide to play Zac by Korean Challenge
Take advantage of W’s cooldown and wide area damage to get jungling fast
  • Unstable Substance (W) is a very fast cooldown and deals wide area damage, so use it to clear 2 jungle camps at once.
  • Zac can approach from a very far position with E, so choose the corners that the enemy thinks about the least.
  • Zac’s role in teamfights is to tank and cause as much control as possible, so going up to Re-Punishment will give you the ability to slow down in combat, easily chase and use skills.
  • E – Flash can be performed but it will take E damage. Use it in situations where the enemy has low health and you only intend to approach suddenly and finish with W -> E – Flash – W.

Wish you all success in climbing rank with this Zac card!

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