League of Legends: How to play Zac AP mid lane ‘vip pro’ like G2 Caps

League of Legends: How to play Zac AP mid lane ‘vip pro’ like G2 Caps


2023-01-25 07:20:51

If you’re looking for a ‘unique’ champion in the Mid lane, come to the guide to playing Zac AP in the style of G2 Caps.

If I had to choose the most explosive performance of the first week of the LEC Winter 2023, the G2 Caps player’s performance with the Zac AP Mid lane card must be named. This unique pick worked surprisingly well because Astralis’ Dajor’s ability to lane and suppress Sylas was extremely thorough and ended the game with a stunning KDA of 8/1/7. same win for G2.

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    Today, Mot Game will show you how to play Zac AP Mid lane as effectively as G2 Caps so that you can take advantage of this ‘super buggy’ card to climb the rank!


    • first Rune Gems and Skills
    • 2 Equipment
    • 3 Guide play

    Rune Gems and Skills

    Regarding the rune rune, get the common rune for Gladiator champions with the main rune being Confucius. Victory will give Zac a huge amount of healing when participating in kills in teamfights. Although equipped with full AP, Zac is still a champion that has to be chopped into the enemy team, so Legend of Effect Resistance would be a perfect fit. At the end gem, you can choose between Slash of Grace if the opponent’s lineup is somewhat ‘thin’ or The Last Stand if the enemy has many Resist champions.

    In the sub-branch, Second Wind will help Zac have better exchange and recovery in the laning phase. Remember to choose more gems New life to help situations where you can get more health by picking up the Passive Cell!

    Stat gems, depending on the situation, choose between magic resistance or armor.

    Regarding skills, please prioritize in the order W > E > Q. Ultimate skill R takes the right level.


    Start with Doran’s Shield and a health potion. Then get on your shoes as fast as you can. Shoes you can choose between Barbed Shoes if you have a match with a Physical Assassin or Enlightenment Boots if you have a ‘breathable’ match, not necessarily Mercury Shoes because there is a relative amount of resistance. in complementary gems.

    The main equipment will be Rocket Belt to increase mobility. Then come up for yourself Cursed Helmet for the amount of burning damage and some health to increase the toughness in the rush phase. Black Flame to optimize more damage to the opponent’s main force. The last 2 items of equipment, you can choose for yourself depending on the situation of the match Blind Witch, Hourglass,….

    Guide play

    With W at level 1, just stand above minions and constantly poke the enemy. Remember to pick up the passive to be able to recover and have a better amount of health than the opponent. If you do it right, you will level 2 first and can get a health advantage, thereby performing a push or jungle support to gank.

    In the mid game, Zac is not a very strong champion in lane or split push. Instead, support 2 wings or support the jungle to increase the advantage. At the end of the game, gather with your teammates to take advantage of extremely strong teamfights with a skill set that takes advantage of 3 strong control effects (Q, E, R) and don’t be afraid to ‘collision’ with the enemy, you still has a Cellular passive that can respawn in case of lying down!

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