League of Legends: I died laughing at the error that Viego suddenly “turned into a beast” the whole match

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2021-12-26 14:13:03

Viego continues to encounter a serious game error, which is most likely caused by the phasrt from the Dragon’s Soul buff.

Since its launch until now, Viego has always been the focus when it comes to countless annoying game bugs that affect the player’s experience. Most recently, this Viego encountered a game error in version 11.24B that made this general “turn into beast” during the match literally.

In his latest video, Vandiril discovered an extremely serious game bug for Viego, which is most likely caused by the soul of the Transformation Dragon. Specifically, after being defeated and returning to the zombie state thanks to the passive of the Soul of the Dragon Transformation, Viego used his passive on Nidalee and “lyed down”.

However, after resurrecting, Viego does not return to its original form, but retains Nidalee’s form for the rest of the match. This made the League of Legends community surprised when the aforementioned game error almost made Viego extremely useless when only being able to use Nidalee’s leopard-type skill set along with the ultimate move.

It can be said that Dragon Transformation is causing a lot of game bugs in the pre-season 2022. Most recently, Karthus is also a champion that “benefits” from game bugs when he can use the ultimate move Soul Bridge until the end. 2 times. However, this time, Viego was not so lucky when the game error caused this champion to lose a lot of strength.

Hopefully, after receiving feedback from players, Riot Games will quickly take corrective action to help the player experience not be affected by the game error. Don’t forget to follow Mot Game to not miss the latest news about League of Legends!

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