League of Legends LCK will be legal for betting from the 2024 season

League of Legends LCK will be legal for betting from the 2024 season

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2023-01-25 21:04:52

League of Legends LCK revealed that it is conducting a legal betting plan from the 2024 season to turn the LCK into a place to enrich viewers.

League of Legends LCK is legal to bet

As you know, the situation of esports betting has been going on silently for a long time, not only in the big tournament but also the practice sessions of the players have become a playground for getting rich.

This has caused many situations such as selling levels, trolling games, breaking games to take place in the professional playground, even Faker T1 has spoken.

However, in addition to permanently banning accounts that break the game, Riot and related organizations have not taken any definitive measures. But recently, a legal plan to bet on LoL LCK has been approved to control and manage this activity more closely.

Accordingly, Inven confirmed, KSPO (Korea Sports Promotion Foundation), LCK and KeSPA are preparing to launch betting game starting from the LCK Spring 2024 League of Legends tournament. They are cooperating with Sports Toto (the largest bookmaker website). Korea) and will officially launch in 2024.

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Inven said Sports Toto is a national policy project run by the National Sports Promotion Corporation to raise the National Sports Promotion Fund. Sports Toto is a method of issuing sports promotion voting tickets and giving refunds to those who achieve sports results. Funds raised through Sports Toto are used for various facilities and sports related support for the purpose of promoting sport.”

“The LCK has responded positively to incorporating League of Legends into Sports Toto, but due to the current law, Riot Games does not allow Riot Games to organize betting operations (the right to organize the mode must be public organizations, sports associations). sports event for each event where Riot Games is a for-profit corporation, not the host of a community service project) so stakeholders are in discussion to qualify for Sports Toto.”

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If the plan is completed, the stakeholders will reduce the economic pressure when the player’s salary is increasing day by day but the profits of the companies are not available. In addition, items such as youth training, advertising, and esports community services are also reduced.

TinhayVIP is known that this is a national fund, so League of Legends LCK teams can only receive money after passing the annual business approval.

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