League of Legends: Mordekaiser has an error with his ultimate again, the “victim” this time is Zac

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2021-12-20 23:32:17

Mordekaiser’s ultimate continues to encounter an annoying game error, this time an interaction error with Zac’s E – Slingshot.

Mordekaiser’s ultimate has long been known as a cause of countless interaction errors for other champions. After the 2022 pre-season update officially landed, players continued to find game errors with Mordekaiser, and the “victim” of the game error this time was Zac.

In a recently posted video, Vandiril discovered an interaction error between Mordekaiser’s R – Realm of Death and Zac’s E – Slingshot. Specifically, when Mordekaiser used his ultimate at the same time Zac activated the Slingshot, Mordekaiser’s Kingdom of Death was still created, but Zac flew out of the range of the ultimate and was “stuck” outside. Death World.

Although Zac has been thrown out of the range of the Dead, but in the video that Vandiril posted, we still see Mordekaiser can damage Zac within the range of using Q and E skills. However, this is still a disadvantage. quite large for Mordekaiser when his “prey” can escape from the Kingdom of Death.

This can be seen as an extremely annoying game bug for players, when Mordekaiser’s important ultimate is completely disabled when Zac uses E – Slingshot. After the video was posted, many players expressed their opinions, and most of them were not satisfied with the way Riot fixed the bug when Mordekaiser was constantly a champion that encountered difficult game bugs. bear.

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Hopefully, after the video above is posted, Riot will quickly find a way to fix it to prevent the game bug from affecting the player’s experience. Don’t forget to follow Mot Game to not miss the latest news about League of Legends!

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