League of Legends player was ‘squeezed’ by the Organizing Committee, had to take a long-term break due to injury while attending the LPL gala

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2022-01-02 15:16:46

This is probably the LPL’s most famous LoL player before the new season, when he had not played a day, he had to take a long break due to injury.

The 2022 LPL Spring Split will officially start again from January 10, 2022 at 4 p.m. (Vietnam time). Thus, after a successful 2021 season, a tumultuous end-of-season transfer window, many dramas and many changes, the highest-level League of Legends tournament in China has returned and promises to be even more attractive. than the previous season.

However, recently, a player officially said goodbye to the upcoming Spring 2022 tournament even before he had even started playing a day. This “unlucky” player is ZWuJi – ADC of the Anyone’s Legend team (renamed from Rogue Warriors). The reason was because he injured his right hand joint and had to miss 3 months of playing.

But the reason that led to ZWuJi’s injury was even… more confusing. Specifically, he was injured while attending the LPL BTC’s campaign games during the professional player certification ceremony on December 28 (Vietnam time). Although there were staff around, and timely support, but according to many opinions, it was probably due to the fall, the player had his hands on the ground, leading to injury.


ZWuJi – LPL’s best player – got injured before playing

This can be seen as a case of “the end of bad luck”. Even the LPL audience did not understand how ZWuJi could be injured like that and simultaneously wished him a quick return. At the same time, there is also an opinion that the LPL BTC as well as the teams need to improve the player’s fitness more as well as take more safety measures, to avoid similar unfortunate cases in the future.

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