League of Legends: Shocked by players reaching Master rank without warding

League of Legends: Shocked by players reaching Master rank without warding

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2021-12-21 03:35:42

Recently, a LoL player surprised the community by climbing to the Master rank with no vision points.

Vision is one of the most important factors in League of Legends. This is considered the key to opening macro decisions in professional matches as well as in solo queue matches. Thorough vision control helps players know the opponent’s movements, control large targets or organize effective captures.

However, recently, the League of Legends community was surprised with a guy who climbed to the rank of Master without having a single point of vision, which means that this guy didn’t have an eye, hit Hoa Soi. In the morning, eat Weird Crab or destroy your opponent’s eyes.

This strange player has the nickname No Arm Whatley. According to No Arm Whatley’s share on Reddit, he said he wanted to take on this challenge to know how important the vision factor really is in League of Legends. And to do this challenge, he chose 2 generals, Tahm Kench and Warwick Top, in the process of climbing rank, because these are champions with good damage ability, extremely strong and can 1 Match 2 with your opponent.

League of Legends: It's strange that players reach the rank of Master without even having an eye

No Arm Whatley said that not warding helps him get in the habit of memorizing the opponent’s jungle to avoid being ganked early and knowing when to hit and when to back down. Even so, Support’s ganking situations are what makes No Arm Whatley unpredictable, but luckily for him such situations rarely appear in solo queue.

It can be said that the League of Legends community has always witnessed extremely “different” players with gameplay that completely surprised us. Not having vision points could be considered a big mistake, but No Arm Whatley turned it into something to help him hone his skills. No Arm Whatley’s Master rank is enough to show that this guy is no ordinary player.

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