League of Legends: Skill Regeneration stat system is seriously faulty

League of Legends: Skill Regeneration stat system is seriously faulty


2021-12-21 20:24:15

Recently, players have discovered a bug where the cooldown is extended when using skills right after respawning.

Although it has fixed many game bugs that existed in the previous version, update 11.24 of League of Legends is still experiencing some new game bugs that annoy players. Most recently, the player is “extended” of the skill’s cooldown when using the skill right after respawning.

Specifically, the League of Poro YouTube channel posted a video showing a game bug that causes the cooldown to be extended. If the skill is cast immediately upon respawning, the player will not receive the cooldown from the skill’s cooldown, but instead the ability’s cooldown will be increased.

League of Poro also experimented with skills other than the ultimate and got the same results. In particular, some other generals also have similar problems, and it is likely that the error of this game does not stem from a certain champion, but from the skill recovery stat system.

Perhaps this game bug has existed for a long time as few players noticed the increased cooldown when using skills immediately after respawning. For generals with a wide range of skills like Ashe, Soraka or especially Karthus, this proves to be quite influential when their ultimates bring high mutations in combat.

League of Legends: Skill Regeneration stat system is seriously faulty
Karthus’ ultimate is one of the tools that deals massive amounts of damage in teamfights.

Hopefully, after receiving feedback from players, Riot Games will quickly take corrective action to prevent annoying game bugs from affecting the player’s experience.

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