League of Legends: Starting the new year, Riot Games introduces the 2023 Season Kickoff event

League of Legends: Starting the new year, Riot Games introduces the 2023 Season Kickoff event


2023-01-10 12:09:50

The Pre-Season Kickoff event is the replacement for Superstars of War, which many fans have been waiting for.

With the official return to the ‘arms’ of Riot Games, League of Legends will now enjoy almost all the benefits and events that the international LoL community is enjoying. Most recently, Riot Games also announced,From January 10-11, 2023, the LCS, LEC, LCK, LPL, LJL, CBLOL, LLA, PCS and VCS tournaments will hold a special 2-day broadcast event to introduce the season. the 2023 tournament and honor this year’s notable players. At the same time, this event is also an opportunity for Riot to release the first information about the 2023 Season in the Teamfight Tactics and reveal the plan for Esports League of Legends in 2023.

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    As for the tournament preliminaries, all the players from the professional teams from the 9 leagues mentioned above will be participating in the Season Kickoff event. According to Riot, The selection of the team also depends on the region, so the LCS and PCS tournaments will have differences in the organization method. Matches will be played in a BO3 format on Summoner’s Rift, excluding champion bans and knockouts.

    League of Legends: Just returned to Riot, the League has a pre-season kick-off event

    This Kick-off event is the replacement for Superstars of War. Although Superstars of War has provided players and fans with memorable moments throughout the years, the current schedule can be quite difficult for many players as the event continues. this. Therefore, replacing the All-Stars with the Season Kickoff event will give pro players a well-deserved break and will be a new platform for fans to enjoy some fresh air. year-end competition, which usually takes place during this period.

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