League of Legends: Super ADC Slayder officially joins SBTC Esports

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2022-11-23 21:56:05

After days of speculation about the next stop, Slayder has now officially joined the “pink chicken” team of SBTC Esports.

The player transfer season has begun, opening a series of extremely explosive and unexpected contracts of the Vietnamese League of Legends. And recently, the first ‘shot’ was fired by SBTC with the official announcement of the signature of super sniper Slayder.

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    Specifically, the fanpage of SBTC shared “Nguyen “Slayder” Linh Vuong officially became the ADC for SBTC Esports.

    With two consecutive championships in his playing career, surely the skill of the 2k-year-old marksman is undisputed. Besides the prestigious Kaisa as well as a deep understanding of the game, Slayder must be an indispensable piece in the dominant squad of SE in a VCS 2023 season.

    This addition is one of the blockbuster explosions in the transfer market, and will strengthen fans’ hopes for a better ranking of SE in the upcoming season.”

    League of Legends: Super ADC Slayder officially joined SBTC Esport

    It is known that SE’s AD carry Celebrity announced his retirement in early November, and Slayder will be a great addition to SBTC Esports’ bot lane. Not to mention, Slayder will be side by side with Palette, a former teammate at Team Flash in 2020. This is a couple that was once considered one of the best AD Support pairs in VCS history. And under the guidance of ‘Mr Ren’, this couple promises to continue to stir up VCS like the way Ren led the Shogun back in SGB.

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