League of Legends: The LPL community called Faker’s name again when the Demon King stole JackeyLove’s red buff

League of Legends: The LPL community called Faker’s name again when the Demon King stole JackeyLove’s red buff

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2023-01-13 14:33:11

The story between Faker and the LPL players is still a topic that is mentioned very often whenever Chinese players climb the ranks on the Korean server.

In year 2022 LPL players carry a lot of enmity with Demon King Faker when he was the reason why Riot Games issued a mass account lockout for accounts not in the LCK region. It is also for this reason that many League of Legends players around the world have made an unwritten rule that “Any gamer who breaks the game, is toxic or has a negative attitude in matches with Faker will be severely punished by Riot Games Korea.”

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However, in the most recent case, the community Chinese League of Legends had the opportunity to mention Faker in connection with a JackeyLove stream.

Specifically, in one of his latest streams, JackeyLove was Karma of the Faker robbed the red season right in front of our eyes and this was seen by many viewers of the male player’s stream. Soon the story “Faker robbed the red charm” was widely shared on social media sites in China.

Soon a lot of joking comments appeared that JackeyLove was really smart not to have any criticisms for Faker after that red buff steal, so both himself and the LPL region refused to accept it. any influence. Some other funny comments also said that all accounts of LPL players in Korean rank will be instantly discolored.

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League of Legends: The LPL community called Faker's name again when the Demon King stole JackeyLove's red buff

In addition, there are many comments that it is not advisable for Faker to steal JackeyLove’s red buff, when this ADC is the “greenest” member of the team and needs more resources to snowball stronger than the game. that fight.

However, many League of Legends fans still think that this is just a joke of Faker, when this match is almost certain to win in the hands of Faker and JackeyLove. Not to mention in Ranked matches, it’s not uncommon for Faker to steal the buffs of his teammates to create an advantage for himself, thinking that this incident is not worth arguing with the community.

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