League of Legends: The new Janna will have her debut delayed because she’s too weak

League of Legends: The new Janna will have her debut delayed because she’s too weak


2021-12-21 07:51:14

After receiving mixed opinions, Riot decided to postpone the editing of Janna’s kit in early 2022.

After careful consideration, Riot’s team decided to push back the Janna edit until later in 2022.

Not long ago, Riot “August” announced that it would edit Janna’s skill set (mini-rework) to prepare for a “brighter” season 12 for her. But it seems that things did not go as smoothly as planned. The “mutant” builds can completely make Janna unbalanced if the skill set is not examined more closely.

Specifically, the programmers want to completely remove the poke ability of the Wind God when her equipment only goes up in favor of protection. Besides, the versatility of Q also needs to be improved to match the rest of the skills.

The last time it was touched was from version 10.11 (nearly 2 years ago), since then Janna’s win rate has been mostly stable (about 51%), which is really not a bad number. But in recent times, Janna’s status as a unique Support has been slowly being pushed to an extremely low level. If a Support “protects” is needed, people will choose Lulu, Nami even Yuumi. If you need to “poke”, then Xerath, Brand or Vel’koz of course do much better. The main problem that makes Janna become lost is that she is too “half-hearted”.

Janna’s ability to initiate teamfights is relatively poor, it seems to have to be in the hands of experienced players for this to be effective. For the rest, Janna’s stats seem to balance her “shield” advantage and her “fake” advantage, which inadvertently makes Janna not stand out in any way. Therefore, if you want to bring Janna back to Riot, you need to choose 1 of 2, “pecking” or “multiple use”, and they choose “multipurpose”. And Riot has aimed to “poke” Janna.

League of Legends: The new Janna will have her debut delayed because she's too weak
Janna is one of the most loved Support

W is intended to do more damage and slow, instead increasing the “cooldown” of this ability. Similar to Q, flight speed will be improved, minimum range increased, damage to champions increased, etc. a real poke tool. Of course, the other stats will also be tweaked so that Janna doesn’t get too “OP”.

For those who like to play Janna, these changes are not necessarily good. They feel that her shielding ability has been significantly weakened, meaning that playing Janna effectively now requires more skill than before, instead of just spamming E for an entire phase. combat. It is these conflicting opinions that have caused Janna’s mini-rework to be temporarily delayed.

What about you guys? Does Janna still need to be tweaked to really return to the meta?

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