League of Legends: There are rumors that the MSI tournament system will be canceled in the 2023 season

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2022-09-23 02:24:09

Many gamers feel bewildered when one of the oldest international tournament systems in League of Legends is likely to be canceled when the 2023 season officially begins.

Tournaments MSI has been organized and started since 2015 until now, since then it has become a playground for many teams. League of Legends competed with the desire to add a title to his collection. Even the importance of MSI no less competitive than the tournament Worlds held every year.

However, in a recent interview with the Vice President of Riot GamesMarc Merrill revealed that the MSI tournament is likely to be canceled and replaced with another tournament with better quality in the upcoming 2023 season. Marc Merrill also said that this decision is to serve the needs of the competing teams and the fans, because the new playground will be improved in quality to give the teams more motivation to compete, and the players will have more motivation to compete. Watch will witness the dramatic matches with the highest quality.

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League of Legends: There are rumors that the MSI tournament system will be canceled in the 2023 season

Immediately after this information was published, there were many controversial opinions on this issue. Accordingly, gamers believe that creating two too big tournaments in the same year will create an invisible pressure on players and world Esports organizations. Look at the time when Worlds 2022 Organized, there have appeared many inadequacies that gamers can completely see.

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Not only that, the problem of money, transportation fees or living environment and most recently the story of VISA is an obsession, not only in VCS but also in many other areas. Therefore, this decision of Riot Games makes the community think that they are looking for ways to earn as much money as possible.

Currently, this is only tentative information and whether MSI is really canceled or not depends on Riot Games’ decision in the future. Even so, the fact that there can be a tournament of the size of Worlds in the year, the people who suffer the most are probably the professional players and the host teams.

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