League of Legends: Zac – Secret Weapon returns to the meta?

League of Legends: Zac – Secret Weapon returns to the meta?


2022-08-11 12:21:13

It’s been years since Zac was neglected in the pro arena and partly in solo queue, but now Secret Weapon is back.

Zac was originally a very popular jungler but he drifted away from the meta game for a long time, however in the match between T1 vs NS, Zac returned in the Top lane position. In today’s article, Game4V will suggest to readers, how to build a Secret Weapon in a new role, like how T1 Zeus did:

I. Overview of Zac

As a very beefy tanker general, Zac has a very good set of skills to disrupt fights and disable mainstays. Zac’s strong point is his ability to go from draw to win with most matches in the top lane. During the laning phase, Secret Weapon can push minions at high speed without consuming mana, in addition, with a ton of his holding tool, Zac easily coordinates ganks with the jungler to take the opponent’s life. player. In addition, Zac’s 1vs1 solo ability is also not mediocre, especially after the Heal Reduction items eat nerfs, the opponent will lose an item that counters Zac early, making him even more powerful. at the beginning of the game with damage as % of health and extremely bad recovery. And when entering the fight, Zac is the enemy with less mobile mains and especially with the way of playing 2 bot lane supports like Ashe, Senna, Seraphine, etc. A combo of green rubber will lock both of them to death. enemies that seem unstoppable.

II. Skills, Summoner Spells, Gems and Equip

1. Techniques

For top lane Zac, first max W – Unstable, when reaching level 9, Zac can deal up to 8% of the enemy’s max health as magic damage within 5 seconds . In addition, when he picks up Cell, he will reduce W’s cooldown by 1 second, making the opponent’s health tree always on red alert. When combined with the Bami Ruins, Zac’s minion clearing speed is much faster than most other gladiator champions, creating space for him to move down the mid lane or into the jungle with E – Slingshot.

With a range of up to 1800 or 4.5x Flash, Zac will become a real threat to less mobile mid lane mages every time he disappears on the map, start increasing this skill after maxing W. Stretched Hand is pretty good at applying effects and creating up to 2 Scavenging shards, taking one point at level 2 and maxing it out at the end. Ultimate Bounce! Bounce! Bounce! Get the right level to maximize damage and crowd control.

2. Summoner Spells

Flash: A basic summoner spell for all champions, with it Zac will easily reach enemy champions, create mutations or escape combat.

Teleport: With a tank general that opens the fight, Zac will love to be behind the opponent’s squad to create the “Hamburger” position, this is the priority spell for Zac

Ignite: Enemy’s recovery is too strong, choose Burn to devour him from the laning phase

3. Boost Gems

Conquest will provide a steady source of damage and healing, and Zac’s kit also allows him to max out Conquest stacks very quickly. Gems like Second Wind, Refueling will push the ability to turret and heal even higher, limiting the weak point that costs health every time you use the ability.

In some difficult matches, you can use Immortal Power gem points to make it easier to trade, each time you successfully activate an enhanced attack, you also gain Zac’s marginal health into a monster. at a later stage with a huge amount of blood.

4. Equip

Suggested equipment for top laner Zac

Starting equipment

Doran’s Shield (450 gold): Gives great health and heals in the early game, this is definitely the best choice for Zac in every game. Together with the Second Wind rune, it gives a maximum total recovery of up to 11 health per second which is one-and-a-half times greater than the healing from a potion.

Striking equipment

Solar Shield (3200 gold): As a tank item that can deal huge amounts of damage, Solar Shield will allow Zac to have 1vs1 solos against anyone at 1 item threshold. Get up early to the Bami Ruins for a fast clearing speed then upgrade to Solar Shield as soon as you can. At level 10 and max stacks, the Passive Sacrifice deals up to 35 scorch damage, making Zac a source of dps early in the game.

Armor of Thorns (2700 gold): In a meta where healing reigns supreme, Aatrox, Darius, Fiora dominate, 2700 is too cheap to fully counter these enemies. With a multi-control skill set, the continuous application of the healing reduction effect on the enemy. The bonus Armor and Health also make Zac stronger in the rush phase.

Spiritual Armor (2900 gold): Pushing Zac’s ability to drag in combat to the maximum, when having this equipment, Secret Weapon will be almost immortal in combat. You can choose to just go up the Cloak of Thorns and then go straight to Psychic Armor to deal with champions that deal powerful Magic Damage mid-game

Shoes: on Barbed Shoe or Mercury Shoe depending on the match situation, if pale you can think of Ionian Shoes or Mage Shoes for snowball

Optional equipment

Randuin Ice Shield (2700 gold): To counter Yasuo, Gangplank, Tryndamere in top lane and critical marksmen in bot lane, build this item to greatly reduce their damage. With a champion that likes to rush into combat, you will easily apply the effect to many enemy team members.

Cursed Helmet (3000 gold): With a lot of equipment that adds health, the Cursed Helmet will be a pretty good item at the level of 3 equipment you will have nearly 60 extra AP equivalent to 1250 gold. Cursed Helmet’s passive also grants Shyvana extra damage to high health enemies in the top lane.

Chains of Vengeance (2500 gold): Simply a lot of health – something Zac loves, assign an opponent’s key to enjoy a 30% damage reduction roughly equal to an Exhaustion, besides , the 20% reduction in Effect Resistance also helps him disable enemies for longer to make them easier to kill.


Zac always has a way to make a mutation in teamfights with his great set of skills to approach opponents, it can be said that Secret Weapon is the champion of decisive moments for the match, the boss of the battles. 5vs5 picture. But for Zac to become a weapon, not a harmless “rubber” depending on your ability, be assertive enough.

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