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2022-11-24 20:16:09

LEGO Brawls is a fighting game with 3D LEGO-style graphics but the battlefield space is 2D. Despite providing an exhilarating experience, the game falls short with a meager amount of content. Notably, the game of developer Red Games has had a long time to launch on the Apple Arcade service platform in September 2019. Because of that, it’s hard to justify the game’s release on modern platforms at a fairly high price, but without adding the corresponding amount of new content and the problem doesn’t stop there.

In fact, the biggest difference from Apple’s platform is the higher resolution and frame rate. However, that is when considering systems with strong hardware, but the Switch version alone has worse performance than the iPhone experience, especially when playing online. From a player perspective, LEGO Brawls is like a lite version of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Nintendo’s system with a simpler gameplay design. Players use a combination of attack buttons, jump buttons, and power-up buttons to fight.

LEGO Brawls is designed quite simply when there is no plot, but only offers a pure melee experience. Although the game has a few different game modes, in fact they are not much different in terms of experience, but only a very small variation. In particular, Brawl is the most basic if not the most popular game mode thanks to its ability to unlock a huge number of characters. In particular, behind those random melee is a long journey to unlock different themed LEGO pieces.

In contrast, Party is a literal party mode that gives players more options. For example, play Versus, Co-op or Free-for-Brawl with friends, instead of through an automatic player matching system like Brawl mode. Not to mention the ability to support cross-play between platforms, giving the game a high replay value. The biggest problem with LEGO Brawls is that in addition to the ability to customize characters according to different themes, players cannot control the choice of levels.

This aspect is operated through popular vote, inadvertently reducing the ability to diversify the level of LEGO Brawls. During the experience, the writer often encounters a situation where all players vote for a certain level, making it quite difficult to test other levels. On the other hand, due to the simple gameplay design, the fighting moments are only exciting at first. You almost just need to “hands faster than brain” and jump at the right moment when entering the battle, no need for complicated or sublime tactics.

LEGO Brawls . game review

The most exciting are the moments when players use power-ups in the combat experience. For example, summon dinosaurs in the movie “dinosaur park” to support combat or ride dragons to bombard the battlefield. The problem is, because the number of power-ups is not diverse enough, the more you experience it later, the less exciting the fight will be. Not only that, the power-ups also don’t really bring tactical to the battle, as the player doesn’t have much control over the “behavior” of the deployed power-ups.

In other words, the LEGO Brawls experience carries a heavy sense of repetition because of its simplicity, leading to players easily “catching cards” after only the first match. In return, the brightest plus point of the game is the element of unlocking characters according to different LEGO themes. If you are the type of player who doesn’t like the “plowing” element in matches, this is definitely not the game experience for you. Not to mention many achievements/trophys all revolve around unlocking certain characters according to themes, showing that that is the highlight of the game.

Through character unlocking, players are rewarded with additional accessories related to that character, expanding the ability to customize the avatar in combat. Although LEGO Brawls possess extremely rich customization capabilities, these figures are only meant to adorn the appearance of the avatar, without any difference in combat stats or abilities. attack ability. This is quite unfortunate when the development team has not exploited the full potential of the game when building a combat mechanism that lacks depth.

LEGO Brawls . game review

In the end, LEGO Brawls offers a fighting experience that is quite exciting at the beginning, but leaves a rather mixed feeling because of the confusing design. The biggest plus of the game is the extremely diverse customization capabilities with different LEGO-themed character creation. However, this is also a minus point of the game when it comes to the element of “plowing and hoes”, while this aspect is closely related to the combat mechanism in the game, which is designed too simply.

LEGO Brawls is available for PC (Windows), PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Apple Arcade.

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LEGO® Brawls
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