Levi failed as a Captain

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2022-01-02 09:06:33

In Attack on Titan, Levi was a good fighter, but he failed as a soldier. Obviously, being strong alone is not enough to be a leader.

Levi is one of the most beloved characters in the Attack on Titan series. Fans are really grateful for the times he saved Eren from danger. Honestly, if I hadn’t accepted you, you’d be dead long ago.

However, Levi actually failed as a Captain. You probably already know that: strong people are not necessarily good leaders. During his time in the Reconnaissance Corps, he made many irreparable mistakes.

Indecisive when giving instructions

Due to not stopping Eren, he was almost killed by Annie

Captain Levi was very successful in battle, but he failed as a commander. He was actually quite bad in both his speech and his assertiveness when giving orders on the battlefield. A prime example is in the siege of the female Titan in Attack on Titan part 1. At that time, he did not stop Eren from sticking his head in it, even though such an emotional act was tantamount to suicide.

And the results are obvious. Eren was beaten to death by the female Titan. If he had forced him not to separate or send someone to help him in that case, it wouldn’t have been so tragic.

I almost pushed Eren towards the Guards

Everything takes place in the middle of the first part of Attack on Titan. This is when Eren was chained in court because they thought he was too dangerous. Armin and Mikasa really tried their best to protect him but to no avail. Meanwhile, Levi suddenly brutally tortured him before the trial. He did this to show that he had complete control over him.

But unfortunately, he was unable to control one important thing: the human heart. Mikasa was indeed infuriated by this scene. May Armin stop it, or the court will turn into a battlefield. A commander should know how to make his subordinates respect him. Levi failed in this, he really did not deserve the position of Captain. Not only that, if Mikasa rushes out and he beats her badly, Eren will lose control and transform into Titan right there. Just like that, he was executed by the Guards.

Can’t kill Zeke

Attack on Titan: Levi has failed as a Captain

Zeke is a great threat to the peace of Paradis. Levi should have known that such a person would soon be rescued by the enemy.

In Attack on Titan season 3, Captain Erwin led a series of suicide bombers towards the Beast Titan. All the human lives here were for Levi to take Zeke’s life. This should not have been a difficult task for him. The Zeke Beast Titan isn’t very good at close range combat. And I took him down in just a few basic sword strikes.

But unfortunately, he didn’t want to lose the Beast Titan’s power. He wanted to let his teammates turn into Titans to eat him. Thanks to that, Zeke was successfully “lifted” from the battlefield by the Horse Titan (Pieck). From then on, the sacrifice of countless soldiers with Captain Erwin became futile. Levi really failed as a Captain, he didn’t deserve this position.

Let a team of soldiers drink the marrow of the Beast Titan

Attack on Titan: Levi has failed as a Captain

Then, in the end, he had to kill his teammates with his own hands

While escorting Zeke to Paradis, Levi’s team was offered a “specialty” wine from Marley. In fact, they were actually thoroughly marinated with his marrow fluid. If “Ymir’s people” drank it, he could turn them into Titans at any time. Many documents indicate that this is the reason why Marley once brought down a country overnight.

At that time, Captain Levi was sober enough not to drink them, but he failed to stop the soldiers from poisoning themselves. Then, Zeke suddenly turned them into Titans to escape. This put him in a position where he couldn’t help but kill his teammates. After all, a strong warrior is not necessarily a good commander.

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