Lien Quan Mobile and Wild Rift were suddenly “inhaled” by this game in the best MOBA game category in 2021

Lien Quan Mobile and Wild Rift were suddenly “inhaled” by this game in the best MOBA game category in 2021

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2021-12-21 01:11:00

Many gamers could not believe that this game, not Lien Quan or Wild Rift, is the owner of the best MOBA game award 2021.

Lien Quan Mobile is the number one MOBA game in Vietnam at the moment, but in international terms, Wild Chien is the name “out of submission” to Lien Quan. After continuously “on top” of the voting charts for the best Esports games of the year, Wild Rift has recently continued to be voted as the most attractive Mobile game for iPhone.

However, suddenly, both Lien Quan and Wild Rift have recently been empty-handed in all categories of The Game Awards 2021 and Esports Awards 2021. Even most recently at Google Play’s Best of 2021, a good mobile game most belongs to Pokémon UNITE.


Before that, no one thought that Pokémon UNITE would be able to compare with the attraction of Wild Rift or Coalition. However, this is the top prize based on the votes of gamers from all over the world. So after thinking about it, it’s not surprising that Pokémon UNITE surpassed Wild Rift and Coalition.


On the international level, Lien Quan “doesn’t have a door” to compare with “big guys” like Wild Rift or Pokémon UNITE.

In summary, it can be seen that the tastes of users on the two platforms Android and iOS are too different. While Garena’s Pokémon UNITE and Free Fire MAX are the best mobile game and the most popular game on Android respectively, Wild Rift and Marvel Future Revolution finished in first place on iOS. As for Lien Quan, this game has only been popular in some regions such as Vietnam, Thailand and Chinese Taipei, so it will be too difficult to compete with the big players above in the international arena.


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