Luc Gioi Phong Than giving gifts is good: 130 turns, 1500 Soul Gems, 100,000 Gold

Luc Gioi Phong Than giving gifts is good: 130 turns, 1500 Soul Gems, 100,000 Gold

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2023-02-03 17:29:55

Released on February 8, Luc Gioi Phong Than promises to be a unique and new playground for all gamers!

Despite the horizontal screen gameplay, Luc Gioi Phong Than still integrates the AFK mechanism to receive gifts and accumulate resources very easily. Whether overcoming the hurdles hard or shutting down the game, gamers also receive regular income. In particular, the reward system of Luc Gioi Phong Than is considered the most “handy” today.

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    Six Worlds Wind God

    The first week of playing the game will be the golden time of the preferential rain. Just log in to take attendance, gamers will receive up to 130 turns with the optional SS package. Not to mention the number of bonus resources can be up to 1,500 Soul Gems 100 thousand gold.

    Six Worlds Wind God

    In addition, every day, players will regularly receive gold, spinning tickets, pieces of Mythic generals, pass stages 6-9 to receive Battle Victory Buddha Ton Ngo Khong. Day 2 received S-class Mythical General – Hau Nghe, day 7 received SS-class Mythical General – Thanh Long. With this carry-on luggage, gamers can easily level up and upgrade champions.

    Six Worlds Wind God

    In addition, gamers participating in the pre-registration event (, players will receive a gift package of Summoning Summons – Height x10, Treasure Museum *10, Gold x88,888.

    The incentives for newbies in Luc Gioi Phong Than are also very generous, fund investment returns up to 6000% of the value. The Mythical General S – Tat Phuong and Phu Trieu Hoi Cao will also be a high-value investment bonus that gamers should not ignore.

    Six Worlds Wind God

    Even when exiting the game, gamers can still receive generous AFK rewards, from Gold, Soul Gems, Experience to even Equipment.

    Six Worlds Wind God

    It can be said that in Luc Gioi Phong Than, gamers can accumulate resources quickly and continuously. With an engaging storyline, an engaging feature system and fun entertainment features, Luc Gioi Phong Than will bring you the best experiences on this 8/2.


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