Mai Dora bids farewell to 2021 with a series of steamy new photos

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2021-12-31 22:17:38

To say goodbye to an old year that is about to pass and welcome the coming new year, the famous MC of VCS Mai Dora has released a very charming new set of photos.

In the atmosphere of the last day of the year, the Vietnamese Esports village in general and VCS in particular also have their own activities to welcome the upcoming 2022. And among these, perhaps no one has a way to welcome the new year 2022 “swet” and sexier than the beautiful MC Mai Dora of the Vietnamese LoL village.

Just a few hours before moving to 2022, the charming female MC of VCS has released a new set of extremely seductive photos. With a background simulating ice blocks, Mai Dora appears extremely sexy, cold but sexy in a rather fragile 2-piece dress, attracting all eyes.

Mai Dora

Mai Dora

Mai Dora

The MC’s new set of photos also attracted great attention and most of them commented that she was “wet”, sexy but attractive. It can be said that among the current MCs of VCS, Mai Dora is the name that always knows how to maintain her hotness through the photos that show off her physical beauty but are not vulgar or offensive.

2021 is also the year that marks the first time Mai Dora has launched the Vietnamese LoL gaming community as a female MC of the Vietnam Championship Series. With a charming fashion style and a few professional problems, at the beginning, she had to suffer a lot of mixed and even malicious comments. But over time, when the expertise of holding the mic has improved, and the female MC also shows a commendable progressive spirit, the aversion of a part of gamers also fades away, replaced by praise for her ever-evolving beauty.

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