Male streamer admits he watches 18+ deepfake videos of other female streamers

Male streamer admits he watches 18+ deepfake videos of other female streamers

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2023-02-03 21:13:52

A fairly famous male streamer on Twitch recently expressed his regret when he couldn’t control himself and watched deepfake videos with 18+ content, including famous names like Pokimane or Maya Higa.

On January 30, a clip claimed to “expose” the male streamer Atrioc for reviewing the deepfake videos of other streamers that have attracted attention. In the clip, Atrioc briefly shows his tabs, one of which is said to be a deepfake website.

This site sells access to deepfake images and videos of female Twitch streamers, including Pokimane, Maya Higa and QTCinderella. Images and videos are graphical in nature with this face simulation technology. Hours after the clip went viral, Atrioc appeared on stream with his partner to address the situation.

“This is embarrassing,” Atrioc said. He explained that he is very interested in AI and deepfake technology, such as AI art. “But I was on a regular website, and there was an ad per video… and then I clicked on that, and then I fell into this trap. “I was terribly curious and I clicked on something. That was rude and I apologize. It’s embarrassing.”

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He also stated that it was not a “regular behavior” and that he only looked at it once. He said he could present a payment receipt to prove he purchased access to the site on the same day when the clip went viral. “There’s no justification for this. I’m not defending it in any way, I think the whole category is wrong,” he said. Fans immediately reacted with backlash to the original clip, thinks it’s more serious because he knows some streamers and their partners.

After the apology, some people were more sympathetic and supported his claim that he has always strived to make his streaming a welcoming place for women. “This is like one of the most sincere apologies I have ever seen,” said one viewer. “That’s no excuse, though, and sick curiosity isn’t a valid excuse.”

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QTCinderella – one of the affected characters has since reacted to the situation, urging people to stop spreading the site. “Being seen “naked” against your will is NOT PART OF THIS JOB.” Sweet Anita also shared her frustration at seeing her name attached to the situation. “I don’t know whether to cry, smash things or laugh at this point,” she said.

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Pokimane has also recently spoken out on this issue when she is completely not in favor of someone “using her image” to make money and attract attention, especially without her permission. her but also such an 18+ website, while she absolutely does not want to embark on an adult career.

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