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Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Redemption | Game Reviews


2023-05-25 21:12:58

Redemption is the second DLC of the card-based turn-based tactical RPG Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Like The Good, the Bad, and the Undead, this DLC is short and doesn’t add much content and to experience it, you must complete the quest The Bell Tolls in the main quest line. At that time, the mission The Devil’s Due will appear and complete this mission, the character Venom will join the Midnight Sun team in the Abbey.

Worth mentioning, the time when Venom joined the player’s lineup was very suitable in the main storyline, making me feel that this character was intentionally removed from the original game content by the development team. In Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Redemption, after defeating Venom in the main mission, the player will meet this character who is bored and eats Vampyres to live through the day in the sewer. These meals turn Venom into a more dangerous monster: Blood Venom. The battle with this new enemy is also quite tough.

Venom uses Ravenous to increase damage. This stat increases with each new turn and decreases each time the character attacks. Therefore, Venom’s most effective attack strategy is to accumulate Ravenous through turns and attack when reaching enough Ravenous stat. In the writer’s experience, this character is quite suitable when fighting with Iron Man, which is not very useful in the original game. Besides, the two characters Captain Marvel and Wolverine are also good teammates to take when you take Venom to battle.

This character’s fighting ability is like a cross between Spider-Man and Hulk or Iron Man. Venom has the agility and keen senses of Spider-Man and similar cards, while his fighting ability when accumulating enough Ravenous bars is as strong as Hulk and Iron Man. Not only that, but Venom’s support cards also fill this bar, making the character capable of fighting quite flexibly, if not becoming a “great player” on the battlefield compared to other characters on the team. Midnight Sun.

Even compared to Deadpool’s En Fuego mechanic in The Good, the Bad, and the Undead DLC, the Venom character is somewhat superior to Deadpool if not marginally better than most other characters in the original game. But from a player perspective, the DLC just mentioned adds more content. Besides the new enemy Vampyre, players can also use Deadpool’s tacos for even more mobility advantages on the battlefield. In many cases it is also a lifeline for you when you are at a disadvantage in battle.

In contrast, in addition to the new character Venom, DLC Redemption only adds Whisper Web. This feature allows you to change the required character in the quest and related challenges. I find this feature unappealing as it can inadvertently make the experience too easy. Perhaps Redemption is designed for players who are more experienced in NG+. The reason is because using Whisper Web to change the required character in the mission makes the experience easier and saves the player’s battle time.

Notably, despite its short duration, Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Redemption has an extremely exciting boss battle, requiring you to carefully strategize to deal with the “divine” healing ability of the boss that I I don’t want to reveal my identity. That’s not to mention every ‘counter’ opportunity becomes counterproductive, giving the writer an extremely epic boss battle. If not for the intense danger level, it is also the most challenging for the player compared to previous matches in the original game.

Review game Marvel's Midnight Suns: Redemption

After all, Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Redemption is still a pretty good continuation of DLC like the previous The Good, the Bad, and the Undead DLC. Although it has less new content than its predecessor, this DLC adds strong characters and has a huge boss battle compared to the overall game. Are those reasons enough to convince you?

Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Redemption is available now for PC (Windows), PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Marvel's Midnight Suns Enhanced Edition
Marvel's Midnight Suns Enhanced Edition

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