MC Mai Dora and BLV Van Tung officially returned to the same house

MC Mai Dora and BLV Van Tung officially returned to the same house

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2023-01-10 12:25:51

Right in the beginning of 2023, MC Mai Dora decided to “go back to the same house” with BLV Van Tung after many times “dropping hints” with the fan community.

Recently, there have been a lot of rumors about VCS will have a brand new cast of BLVs and MCs compared to 2022. Among them, MC Mai Dora is also rumored to be absent from Vietnam’s top League of Legends tournament. South in 2023.

Recently, MC Mai Dora suddenly shared the next step in her career:

“Mai Dora” – “Sexy MC of League of Legends” has officially become a member under the roof of Box VietNam!!!

Mai Dora is known by the League of Legends community through her role as MC of tournaments such as VCS, NTCS, etc. Besides, she has also tried many roles as an actress before.

With the orientation to develop and create more products in the future, from January 2023 Mai Dora has officially become the exclusive talent of Box Vietnam – The common roof of many top creators such as Quang Cuon, BLV Van Tung, editor Hoang Luan, Ha Tieu Phu, Cat of Mars, …

Hopefully with this cooperation, Box Vietnam and Mai Dora will create many new impressions with quality products in the near future.

Remember to follow Mai Dora to follow her upcoming projects, as well as support her in the near future!” – Box Vietnam fanpage announces the joining of MC Mai Dora.

"The channel staff has an invitation, so I have to go back to be the hostess of the channel" - Mai Dora shared on Facebook fanpage.

“The channel staff had an invitation, so I had to go back to be the owner of the channel” – Mai Dora shared on Facebook fanpage.

Recently, the couple Mai Dora – Van Tung also “dropped hints” many times that they will return to the same house. And as many fans speculated, this couple has returned to the same “home” as Box Vietnam. According to the introduction from this organization, Mai Dora will develop in the direction of talent or KOL. So not only MC or streamer, this beautiful girl may appear in many new roles in 2023.

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