Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 game is free for iOS and Android

Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 game is free for iOS and Android


2023-02-28 20:48:11

The very good Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 management simulation game is being given away by the developer for free for Android and iOS users in a short time. Please download now lest you miss it!

Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 is a management simulation experience and also the second game in the series of the same name on the mobile platform. The latest game is Motorsport Manager Mobile 3, which has a very attractive augmented reality feature, but has only been released on the App Store as of the time of writing. Similar to games of the same genre on the market, the player’s goal is to build a F1 racing team by recruiting drivers, engineers and training them, combining investment in research related items.

Compared to the previous game, Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 has many interesting additions in each aspect of the game, making the experience more attractive and deeper. From the choice of tires depending on the player’s tactics, to taking advantage of the team of engineers that you spend money on to research and design components to help overcome the weaknesses of the racing car. Although these adjustments are quite small, they contribute to an engaging experience, plus the massive amount of content creates a fairly high replay value for the game.

The game has very nice graphics if you own a smartphone with a powerful enough configuration. In particular, do not forget to go to the settings and turn on the Blur feature to have the best image quality in the game experience. However, turning on this feature makes the game very heavy, so if your smartphone is many years old, you should consider it to avoid negatively affecting the performance of the game. See more reviews of the mobile game Motorsport Manager Mobile 2.

Currently, the developer Playsport Games is giving away the game Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 for free in a short time but not sure when. In the international market, the game costs the same as $6.99 on the App Store and $7.49 on the Play Store. The reference price on the Play Store is 178 thousand.

If you are interested, please quickly download and experience the game right before the giveaway ends. In addition to Motorsport Manager Mobile 2, the developer Playsport Games is also giving away free Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 on the iOS platform, but unfortunately not for Android users.

Motorsport Manager Mobile 2

‎Motorsport Manager Mobile 2
‎Motorsport Manager Mobile 2

‎Motorsport Manager Mobile 3
‎Motorsport Manager Mobile 3

Note: Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 requires a device using Android 6 and iOS 10 or macOS using an M series chip using macOS 11 or later.


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