MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT officially launched

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2022-01-09 13:49:15

MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT is a game based on the famous anime series of the same name, about the life journey of students in Hero Academy.

MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT is a product of the famous game making company BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment. After being very successful on other anime adaptation games such as DragonballZ, Sword art online, our big man One Piece continues the product will be released in 2022 based on the extremely popular Hero Academy anime series. language.


MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT is a traditional turn-based game with characters based on the popular Super Hero Academy anime. The game will have a 3 vs 3 mode, players will control their characters to use their own special moves – in the movie called Quirk, to attack for advantage and win. You will have to rationally use the skills of the character and have a strong squad to be able to win.

Since it’s based on the Hero Academy anime series, you’ll get to meet familiar characters and their quirks. Deku with One For All inherits the powers of all his predecessors, Master Eraserhead with the ability to erase skills, Bakugo with the ability to “break out” and a host of other characters Endeavor, Hawks, Mt Lady along the way. series villains All For One, Shigaraki Tomoru, Dabi and other Nomu. Not only that, the main details in the film are also depicted in great detail such as the battle with Overhal or the army of Tomoru.MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT officially launched

The graphics of MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT are very beautiful, with the images of the Quirks, the character’s skills are made very eye-catching, attracting players. The characters are drawn in a very cute chibi style, creating a friendly feeling for the player, even the evil-looking Nomu in the story also look very cute. The battle scenes are done by BANDAI very well according to the original, if you are a fan of this anime, you will certainly have such comments.MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT officially launched

There is a place in the game called Hero Base where you will be free to customize your base, in your own unique style. In the room will be decorated with tables, cabinets, very unique tools, sometimes it will be like a bar, sometimes it will be a classroom … The more you fight, the more beautiful pictures you get in the collection. , this depends on the number of characters you unlock and the amount of points you have gained in the game.MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT officially launched


MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT will bring you to the academy of heroes with their super skills and epic battles. Immerse yourself in the game, experience the special feeling of the superhero, feel what the movie is shown in the game, if you are a fan of Deku or Bakugo can’t ignore this game. Currently pre-register on the game’s homepage or Googleplay, iOS to receive countless extremely attractive gifts.

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