Neeko rune board, how to play and build Neeko season 13

Neeko rune board, how to play and build Neeko season 13


2023-05-26 22:20:56

Coming to the League of Legends arena as a mage, Neeko creates a new gameplay when she can dress up as other generals to deceive the enemy. In this article, let’s take a look at the gameplay, build and how to adjust the latest Neeko jade table season 13.

Neeko Gem Board

Neeko Mid

Neeko in the mid lane plays the role of the main mage, the Neeko rune in this position uses the main branch Overwhelm for massive damage.

The Neeko Mid rune effectively deals damage with Electric Shock.
  • Electric shock: Neeko’s 3 separate attacks or abilities hit 1 enemy champion in a row within 3 seconds, dealing an Electric Shock for an additional amount of adaptive damage.
  • Blood taste: Helps Neeko restore a small amount of health when damaging enemy champions, this helps to have better turrets in the early game.
  • Collect eyeballs: For each contribution on enemy champion kill, Neeko will accumulate and gain adaptive power.
  • Treasure Hunter: Participating in defeating an enemy champion for the first time will receive more gold, each time with another enemy champion will receive more gold.
  • In the sub-branch select Magic: Energy Ribbon allows her to gain 25 mana when dealing spell damage to enemy champions, stores 10 times and has a cooldown between hits, restoring 1% of her missing mana every 5 seconds at maximum. Burned Deals bonus magic damage 1 second after Neeko deals damage with an ability to an enemy champion.
  • Complement Gems: 10% attack speed, 9 adaptive power, 8 magic resistance.

Forest Neeko Gem Board

As a jungler, the Neeko rune focuses on buffing up late game when using the main branch Overwhelm.

Overwhelming forest Neeko's gem board exerts its power towards the end of the game.
Overwhelming forest Neeko’s gem board exerts its power towards the end of the game.
  • Collect Darkness: When Neeko deals damage to an enemy champion with less than 50% health, deals 1 bonus adaptive damage and collects 1 dark soul from them, accumulating as much damage as this rune’s soul. will increase.
  • Simple shot: Enemies that are champions after being restrained by Neeko will be weakened and take additional damage from all sources for a few seconds.
  • Collect eyeballs: Adaptive buffs from taking down enemy champions.
  • Ultimate Hunter: Plus the ultimate cooldown, increase this stat when there are attempts to take down each enemy champion for the first time.
  • In the sub-branch select Inspiration: Magical Footsteps give Neeko 1 Good Shoe at 12 minutes and this number is earlier when there are points that contribute to finishing the champion, Good Shoe has a higher movement speed than Normal Shoe and replaces Normal Shoe to upgrade to big shoe equipment . Cosmic clairvoyance in this Neeko rune for active item recovery and summoner spell regeneration.
  • Complement Gems: 10% attack speed, 9 adaptive power, 8 magic resistance.

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How to build Neeko

Dress up Neeko Mid

Mid lane Neeko’s kit focuses on adding magic power to make her abilities more powerful.

How to build Neeko Mid.

  • Eternal Scepter: Can be activated to create a cone in front of the face and deal damage to enemies hit, units in the center of the cone will be rooted, on both sides of the cone will be slowed. Mythic Passive increases Neeko’s magic power when adding legendary items.
  • Mage shoes: Bonus movement speed and magic penetration.
  • Blackening Flame: When Neeko deals damage to an enemy, Magic Penetration will be increased, enemies with the most maximum health or who have received a damage-absorbing shield before will suffer more Magic Penetration than low-powered enemies. blood.
  • Zhonya Hourglass: Neeko, after successfully activating this equipment, will enter a static state, can not be targeted, cannot move and stop receiving damage and effects previously suffered.
  • Morello Devil’s Letter: In addition to the required magic penetration and magic power, Neeko owns this item when dealing magic damage to enemy champions will cause them to reduce their healing and heal for 3 seconds.
  • Cross necklace: Adding magic resistance increases Neeko’s resistance, passively can create a magic shield that blocks an enemy champion’s ability.

Forest Neeko Dress Up

Equipping Neeko in the jungle adds to her mobility and ability power stats.

How to build jungle Neeko.

  • Hextech rocket belt: Active Neeko dashes in a target direction and fires a volley of rockets that deal magic damage to enemies hit and increase their movement speed in that direction. Mythic passive increases magic penetration when adding legendary items.
  • Wizard shoes.
  • Blackened fire.
  • Zhonya Hourglass.
  • Rabadon Witch Hat: Neeko’s magic power is increased by 35% of the total.
  • Void Scepter: Neeko’s magic damage negates 40% of the enemy’s magic resistance.

How to play Neeko

Summoner Spell Neeko

  • In the role of mid lane, playing Neeko in a poke style and stacking damage when the enemy reaches the appropriate health threshold is the most popular style, so choose 2 summoner spells Flash + Ignite to increase the amount of shock damage for a short time.
  • Neeko isn’t really mobile in the jungle, so bring summoner spells Speed ​​+ Punishment to increase the ability to successfully gank and compete for the big goal more effectively.

Neeko Summoner Spell.

Neeko skill raising order

Q skill – Particle Cannon is Neeko’s main skill that deals damage, is an effective minion and blood picker tool, please prioritize to maximize this skill first. Next, maximize the E – Twist the tie to maximize Neeko’s control.

The order of raising specific skills for each level is as follows: Q > E > W, R lift when possible.

Neeko skill raising order.

Neeko gameplay

Passive – Neeko’s Shadow is quite interesting when you can transform into an ally, taking advantage of this you can turn into an ally with low health but not in the enemy’s line of sight to lure them closer to attack. attack you and be surprised when you are Neeko with full health and skill set.

As mentioned above, Neeko lane play should focus on pushing and poking enemies, when reaching maximum health can be customized using summoner spells combined with control from E and R. – Explode flowers to hold and finish the enemy.

In combat, Neeko has many advantages with a skill set with multi-target control, so it can be used to open fights extremely effectively, creating a premise for a successful teamfight.

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How to counter Neeko

Counter Hero Neeko

Neeko is quite weak compared to champions with good resistance in the jungle area, such as: Gragas, Wukong, Cho’Gath …

Playing in the mid lane will be difficult for her to promote her strength when facing mage champions like: Vel’Koz, Viktor, Karthus…

Champion counter Neeko.

Equipment that counters Neeko

Neeko is a pure mage general, so her skills all deal magic damage, and magic resistance equipment will significantly reduce Neeko’s power: Spiritual Armor, Natural Armor, Malmortius Thorns Mace…

Neeko requires players to have a bit of personal technique and to know how to take advantage of time to be able to use skills most effectively. Practice Neeko more before going to tier matches and don’t forget to incorporate the gameplay, build, and Neeko rune instructions mentioned above.

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