NetEase’s survival-themed CITY game is open for testing on December 29th

NetEase’s survival-themed CITY game is open for testing on December 29th


2021-12-22 00:19:45

INTERNATIONAL_ Game of Destiny (CITY) is set to test at the end of December, promising many attractions.

As Game4V announced not long ago, NetEase’s CITY game has changed its name to Destiny of Destiny, signaling that there is going to be a “change”, now the game has confirmed the Closed Beta date in the Chinese market. The mobile game will open Closed Beta on December 29.

Specifically, NetEase announced that their open-world survival game product began testing for the Android platform, from December 29 to January 14. The game continues to develop in the direction of survival as the success of LifeAfter has built.

CITY (City) produced by NetEase

“Destiny of Destiny is a cooperative survival mobile game between players in an open world environment. After going through many internal tests, the game will test Alpha Test. We would love to have as many of you as we can. We decided to start testing the first Android on December 29th,” announced NetEase.

Gamers should note, this test will delete player data. After the end of the game test on January 14, the game will officially delete the gamer’s data.

In addition, NetEase said, to participate in the game of Destiny, users need to “fill out a test recruitment questionnaire and wait for a lucky chance to be selected”. The deadline to fill out the questionnaire is at 12 noon on December 27. Only a limited number of users are selected to participate!

This release by NetEase Games introduces the story, set in a city with long abandoned ruins, named Weidu.

Players in the game can freely explore, gather materials, craft weapons, solve puzzles and fight with survivors against alien species. You need to build underground shelters as well as bases and fortresses to resist the invasion of aliens.

The game focuses on fighting for survival in the game through online multiplayer PvE activities and encourages cooperation between fellow fighters.

The game pays attention to the design of level mechanics and AI, freedom to explore, cooperation between teammates, etc. to create a realistic PvE survival experience in a ruined world.

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