New World Fiction: A new highlight of the Vietnamese game market in terms of the MMORPG genre.

New World Fiction: A new highlight of the Vietnamese game market in terms of the MMORPG genre.


2023-03-07 05:52:01

If you are looking for a new game compared to the vast majority of games currently on the market, Cyber ​​Fantasy will be an interesting choice not to be missed.

New World Fiction is a game that attracts the attention of the community, because this is a game developed according to a future open world theme, bearing the rare Cyberpunk character of the Vietnamese game market, especially in the early period of 2023 when Vietnamese publishers still pay great attention to the genre of first half, swordplay.

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    New World Fiction

    After a day of open beta testing, New World Fantasy (Cyber ​​Fantasy) brings the following different feelings:

    Background: Cyber ​​Fantasy is set in a futuristic fantasy world where technology and robots rule. This creates a new and attractive space for players.

    New World Fiction

    Image: Uses advanced graphics technology (Unreal Engine 4) to create sharp, bright and detailed images, helping to create a great visual experience for players.

    New World Fiction

    Style play: The game has a diverse gameplay, allowing players to participate in different activities such as adventure, boss fight, PvP, PvE, crafting items, leveling up skills, upgrading equipment.

    New World Fiction

    Figure: Cyber ​​Fantasy allows players to customize and choose their character from a variety of character classes, each with their own unique gameplay and skills.

    New World Fiction

    Robots: It was one of the first games to feature robotic support, helping players defeat bosses, complete quests, and fight in PvP or PvE matches.

    New World Fiction

    It can be seen that the difference of New World Fiction compared to the current MMORPG titles in Vietnam is the breakthrough and creativity in the design of the game world and gameplay mechanics. Instead of repeating familiar elements in the genre, the game offers players a creative and diverse open world where they can interact and explore.

    The gameplay mechanics are also designed to create new experiences, such as the character’s self-development feature in a diverse and unlimited direction, or the combat mechanism that is realistic and requires mastery. player’s movements. New World Fantasy also gives players an environment to chat and participate in community activities, creating a vibrant and attractive game space.

    Currently, the game is still in the Close Beta testing phase, to learn more detailed information about the roadmap as well as objective community reviews about this game, players can refer to this game. HERE

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