NFT Community Controversy Because Moonbirds License CC0

NFT Community Controversy Because Moonbirds License CC0

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2022-08-11 00:14:03

The NFT Moonbirds project is creating a debate for changing the intellectual property rights policy for those who have purchased NFT.

Moonbirds, the NFT project that caused a stir when it launched in April, has announced a major change to its intellectual property policy.

Moonbirds empower CC0

Specifically, on August 5, founder Kevin Rose announced that he would grant Moonbirds and its derivative collection Oddities a Creative Commons (CC0) license, meaning a waiver of the right to collect royalties. with these NFTs.

Creative Commons (CC0) is a movement to deny intellectual property rights to inventions and products, allowing society to freely use and develop derivatives thereof without paying the author’s fees. original or inventor. CC0 is praised for putting the interests of the majority ahead of individual interests.

Meanwhile, according to the initial commitment made at the time of sale, Moonbirds buyers will receive full intellectual property rights to the NFTs they have purchased, meaning that only they can create new products. derivative work and make money on it. Anyone else using their NFT images will have to pay a royalty fee, including the NFT issuer.

The response of the NFT . community

As can be expected, the reaction of the Moonbirds investor community was extremely negative to the above news. Most NFT holders feel “cheated” because they have been stripped of a right that was promised to them at the time of sale.

One user commented on Twitter:

“Is this change even legal, since it’s already open for sale? This is unethical and I feel I have been tricked into participating in the project.”

Another opinion is that CC0 does not fit the nature of the NFT:

“CC0 is a good thing for the public good, but not suitable for NFT collections of avatars that want to provide value to holders. This move of the Moonbirds will make many people feel offended.”

On the other hand, those who do not hold NFT Moonbirds are extremely excited about this change, because they will be able to freely create derivative works for the project without worrying about royalty costs.

It is also understandable for the Moonbirds team that the recent decline in the NFT sector has forced them to look for new directions to restore excitement to the project. However, attracting new buyers is difficult because Moonbirds prices are high. Therefore, it makes the most sense to waive intellectual property rights to remove the cost barrier, allowing those who do not need to hold NFTs to also participate in the development and expansion of the Moonbirds idea.

Floor price movements and key parameters of Moonbirds in the last 7 days, referenced data from NFT Floor Price on the morning of August 8, 2022

Mr. Kevin Rose also announced the creation of the Moonbirds DAO, a self-regulatory organization that will monitor global use of the Moonbirds trademark, preventing fraud, hate speech and community conflict. copper.

However, the price of Moonbirds since the project’s CC0 license announcement has dropped by nearly 9% when a part of investors decided to sell NFT when it was no longer possible to collect royalties from the project.

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