Nhat Mong Phi Thien Mobile first half vertical screen game is coming soon

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2021-12-22 18:59:04

Nhat Mong Phi Thien Mobile is about to officially reach Vietnamese gamers this December, let’s take a look at some of the game’s attractive features.

It can be said that this is a game that fully converges fighting elements to satisfy Tien Hiep game fans. With a beautiful graphic style with ancient colors, making you feel immersed in the beautiful world of the game. The compelling storyline helps you experience the process of becoming a true spiritual practitioner. Although the gameplay is shown with the vertical screen feature, it does not make you feel too uncomfortable, on the contrary, with just one finger, you can easily manipulate the gameplay mechanics in Nhat Mong Phi Thien.

Unlike other games of the same genre, Nhat Mong Phi Thien allows you to flexibly rotate the gameplay console into a vertical and horizontal screen. When rotated to landscape, the game has many similarities with other games, thereby making the game more accessible and attracting more interested gamers.

In Nhat Mong Phi Thien Mobile, you will be transformed into the first monks of the Three Realms. Including Demon Race, Human World, and Fairy World. At the beginning of the game, you will be selected one of 3 to start your journey to enlightenment. Each tribe will carry its own unique set of combat skills.

The game does not force players to build characters in a linear direction, but allows you to freely build and decide your own way. With the familiar role-playing fighting style, interwoven action elements with convenient control mechanisms. The experience on the vertical screen will help you to play anytime, anywhere without too much difficulty in control. With just one finger you can use to level up, pass, or PK with other players.

The graphics of Nhat Mong Phi Thien Mobile conquer the eyes of the viewer as soon as they touch the game. With 3D graphics, creating vivid characters, mixed with the fanciful colors of the world of tu fairy, contributing to creating a fanciful and beautiful Nhat Mong world. Satisfy any gamer’s passion for playing while watching the scenery.

Not to mention the inventory of the game’s costumes provided is very rich, briefly, there are Wings, Spirit Soldiers, Riding Animals, Dharma Jewels, Spirits and even Pets to help you create and customize your character’s beauty. without worrying about clashing with other players on the same server.

Finally, there is the unlimited boss hunting feature. Thanks to this feature, gamers can challenge themselves, train their characters to become strong in the game’s world. Bosses in the game will always be strong and possess many rare and genuine items so that players after earning can level up quickly. In addition, there are still attractive features such as Battlefield Lien Server, Ti Thi Loi Dai, Clan War and World War will create many fierce competitions to help you protect your tribe and bring home. the most valuable rewards in the game to show off to friends.

Home page: https://www.facebook.com/nhatmongphithien/

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