Nintendo leaked the system configuration of Switch 2, enough to make gamers happy?

Nintendo leaked the system configuration of Switch 2, enough to make gamers happy?


2023-03-24 06:48:14

A new leak suggests that Nintendo’s next console may have improved performance over the Switch, but players should hold back their expectations.

A recent rumor hints at some of the technology behind the supposed Nintendo Switch successor.

Speculations about the next big upgrade for the Nintendo Switch have been circulating since 2019, but there’s been little confirmation on when the mysterious product will be announced or if it will have technical features and improvements. What new technique compared to now the Switch is almost six years old.

Despite the endless rumors of an enhanced Nintendo Switch Pro, the closest players have gotten their hands on an updated, brand new version of the Nintendo Switch so far is the OLED model that was released last November – yes. add a larger, more vivid touch screen with less variation. However, talk of a new Nintendo console resumed a few months ago thanks to a leak from NVIDIA implying that the new system will support DLSS to enhance graphics performance. A few months ago, it was reported that Nintendo would begin to shift its focus to developing a successor to the Switch after The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom launches in May.

Recently, a game industry insider in Korea managed by OreXda further prompted speculation about a new Nintendo system in their latest leak. Accordingly, this new Nintendo hardware will use a new NVIDIA Tegra chip that will be built using Samsung’s 5nm 5LPP – contrary to previous rumors that this Tegra chip will use the Ampere architecture instead.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo gamers have been waiting for the Switch 2 for a long time, but have yet to see any confirmation from Nintendo.

If this rumor is true, then the unconfirmed Nintendo Switch successor will have improved performance compared to the current console. However, this improvement won’t be as significant as the jump from WiiU to Switch, and the NVIDIA Tegra processor will still be a bit outdated and flawed compared to the technology behind the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. On the other hand, many have note that this rumored processor will still be an upgrade over the one from previous Nintendo Switch sequel rumors.

While OreXda has proven to be reliable in their previous tech leaks, this latest information surrounding the mysterious Nintendo Switch successor is still unconfirmed and therefore shouldn’t be. expect too much from them. An official announcement about Nintendo’s next product may be on the horizon due to past rumors and if this latest leak is accurate then eager fans should expect more from a Nintendo Switch. a smaller development for the current Nintendo Switch than a huge leap forward.

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