No longer a rumor, Giang ‘Jankos’ Van Cot officially bid farewell to G2 Esports

No longer a rumor, Giang ‘Jankos’ Van Cot officially bid farewell to G2 Esports

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2022-12-11 18:19:43

“Circus” Jankos has officially said goodbye to “Circus” G2 after the most illustrious years of his career.

On December 9, G2 Esports officially announced the farewell to jungler Jankos after 5 years of attachment. The LEC legend is said to be joining Fnatic in this 2023 pre-season transfer window.

Joining G2 at the end of 2017, Jankos and “International Circus” have achieved countless successes, with 5 LEC championship titles, helping G2 surpass Fnatic to become the most traditional team of LoL. Europe.

In addition, Jankos also helped this team reach the 2019 World Championship Finals, and especially crowned the MSI 2019 champion, becoming the second Western team after Fnatic to win the championship title in the international arena. economic.

However, along with the wear and tear of time, the player born in 1995 can no longer maintain a stable condition and performance. He was considered the weakest factor of G2 in the past 2 years, leading to the team’s less impressive performance in a number of regional tournaments and international tournaments.

With G2 Esports preparing to enter the squad change phase, Jankos is one of the names that have to leave. G2 is expected to build a younger team around the core Caps, and this lineup will no longer have room for “veterans” like Giang Van Cot.

Thus, with the departure of jungler Jankos, the current MSI 2019 champion G2 Esports roster has only the mid laner Caps left.

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